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    Hi! I've applied at Clark College in Vancouver for the October 1st deadline. I was just wondering if anyone else did?

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    yes, i also applied for the October 1st deadline! I am excited to get a letter soon telling me I can take that HESI test. . .hopefully
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    I'm applying for the April 1st deadline. I was just curious what your point value was? I am hoping to get in
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    I got accepted and I had 47 points, I start in April, 2011. But look at this website for the statistics: Good Luck!!
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    Hi! I got accepted too! I had 49 points, and I start in April! I'm glad we didn't have to take the HESI. That was a nice surprise! So, @future anesthetist, are you wanting to be a CRNA? I've thought about that a lot myself! =) @cbishop77, good luck with your classes!
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    gypsywillow: Yes! studying for that HESI test was stressful! I wonder if I know you, I'm sure I saw you at Orientation for Spring quarter! But yes, I decided to be a CRNA in high school and have just been pursuing that ever since. I MAAAAY apply to med school after getting a bachelors in nursing, I haven't 150% made up my mind yet. I'm pretty set on CRNA though, I've heard nothing but great things about the profession. It requires a minimum of 1 year of critical care nursing experience and it may take awhile to get a job in critical care. It'll be a long journey but hopefully well worth it!!!
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    That's cool! I'm kind of thinking the same things! LOL! A long time ago, I wanted to go to medical school. Got a bachelor's in psychology/biology, and got married and had kids. Where I'm at in life right now makes it unrealisitic for me to pursue med school. But, I do want to go on and finish this nursing degree with a bachelor's. And i've heard lots of great things about ohsu's crna program. I think that would be awesome. But i still have this thing in the back of my head that can't let go of medical school. And i think, maybe once the kids are older and i've worked as a nurse/np/crna for a while, maybe then i can go for it!?

    I used to work as a medical assistant in Dallas, and one of the doctors i worked for was actually on the admitting committee for Southwestern Medical School there in Dallas. She told me all kinds of stories, but one that stuck with me was when she told me they had just accepted a 63 year-old man into the program! And she said, "So don't worry about it! You're never too old!"

    Yeah, I'm sure we saw each other at orientation. I sat in the back section of the room, in the front row. I'm doing my clinical at Cascade Park on Wednesday mornings. What about you?
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    63 years old! wow, that's awesome

    I've also heard good things about OHSU. I'm planning on applying to OHSU, Gonzaga, Kaiser Permanente (in California), and all of the Anesthesia programs in New York. I'm kind of hoping I wouldn't have to move all the way to New York, but I definitely want to apply to as many schools as I can because I don't want to wait too long to get into a local program (8 students a year at Gonzaga!!)

    I have my clinical at Fort Vancouver Convalescent Center on Wednesday mornings. . .
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    Thanks for replying to my post I was wondering how you are liking the program? Do you find instructors helpful? I went to the informational session this last week and I found everyone to be very helpful
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    Your welcome! Yes, from what I've noticed at orientation, etc. the instructors seem to really care about students' success, which is great! But I haven't actually started the program yet, I start on April 4th. I'll update then ok?

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