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Hello everyone, I have just applied to Bellevue College for Fall 2012/Winter 2013 and I just want to hear from anyone who has also applied there. What are your TEAS scores? Do you guys know when we will hear back regarding... Read More

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    I had the same score! Really hoping we're in the clear.

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    That's less applicants then the year prior! Better for us!
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    oh goodness! 215 applicants?! Now I'm freaking out what if I don't get in, with so many people applying?

    So regarding the Compass E-write, does anybody know if we have to take that before we get our acceptance/rejection letters? If so, would this then determine if you're in the program or not? Now I'm also freaking out about this essay. It would just be so cruel if we receive letters saying that we got into the program based on our TEAS scores but if we fail the Compass E-write, you actually can't get into the program. I really hope not
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    At a past info session, we were told the E-Compass writing test is really simple and straight forward. Basically, it tests your ability to write a sentence and use proper grammar.
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    Thanks guys for the replies!

    So from BC's website it says that the people who are qualified will take the Compass E-write, so I am assuming that we would have to be told if we are accepted or not before we have to worry about taking this E-write deal.

    Also, please post on this thread if you have received any news about if you got into the program or not (so we can all celebrate or commiserate with you, although I do hope we all celebrate )
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    Did anyone make it to the info session today?
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    I didn't get a chance to, work got in the way ......I doubt that they have the averages of the scores yet, but perhaps they do? I don't really want to annoy them with phone calls, but it sure is tempting! April seems far away
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    i just wanted to respond to margritamix's comment (below) about the two percentile scores on the teas... one is "national" and one is "program". the "national" percentile is your percentile among everyone who has taken the teas. the "program" percentile is your percentile among everyone who has taken the teas for the same type of program. it is not specific to the bellevue college program, but rather to any 2 year adn program, as opposed to a bsn program or a lpn program. when you filled out the application to take the teas, it asked for that information.

    i am also very happy to see people joining our discussion! hi everyone! i hope we all get to meet at orientation!!!


    mar 4 by margritamix mar 4 by margritamix a member since jun '11 - from 'seattle,wa'. posts: 55 likes: 2

    hello everyone!

    i am so glad that more people have responded to this thread
    to answer some questions, i have been looking at my score report from my last teas test and there are two percentile scores: one of them is for bellevue college specifically and one of them is for nationally.
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    just out of curiosity rnjenn….what was your percentile? since your score was so high it would be interesting to know! did you hit the 100th?!
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    Ha ha, my bad!

    Thanks rnjenn for correcting me but yeah, since you got a pretty high raw score, are you part of the 99th percentile?

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