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Hello everyone, I have just applied to Bellevue College for Fall 2012/Winter 2013 and I just want to hear from anyone who has also applied there. What are your TEAS scores? Do you guys know when... Read More

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    I took it online and it was super easy.
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    Has anyone called and bugged them about when the letters are going out yet?
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    Sorry Fishgirl, I would call Chie again but I've talked to her so much already, she's got my number down already
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    I wonder what takes them so long!!!!
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    Intercultural Comm. was a very easy class - I took it hybrid with Anderson. Not a ton of reading, but keep up with the assigned reading. Posts on Vista and one big group project at the end of the quarter. Biggest challenge was actually dealing with some of our group members, though there was one other member in our group who did her best to help me maintain my sanity!!!! Anyways, not really a class to stress about - just another one that needs to get done at some point!!!
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    Hey guys,

    While I've been sitting here at home, it has occurred to me to start studying and practicing for the Compass E-write. Is anyone else also beginning to study/prepare for that? I know that we are all waiting impatiently for our letters of acceptance/ rejection from Bellevue but then my bf pointed out that they may send the letters to take the Compass E-write very late in the month of April, and according to the nursing program, they will give us our final status in early May. If they do indeed give us notices to take the Compass E-write late in April I feel like we won't have ample time to prepare for it.

    So I guess, I'm just asking you guys if you're starting to prepare for taking the E-write
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    I'm not ever sure how to prepare for the E-Write test. From what I understand, you basically write an essay. I'm not entirely positive, though. Anyone taken it before?
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    I haven't taken the E-write, but I did speak to one of the ladies at the assessment after taking the TEAS. She said that it's really nowhere near the stressful situation that the TEAS is, and there's not really any way to prepare, as they can't tell you in advance what the essay prompt is. You just have to rely on your essay organizing and writing skills. It's more about how it is written, rather than what is written, from what I understand.
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    Any word yet from Bellevue?
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    This waiting game seems to get worse and worse over time. I have been looking over past writing prompts and essay formats to sort of prep for the E-write but I don't know how much it will help or if I will even need the help. How are you preparing margritamix?
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    jammin_jewel do you have any good websites that you found with those writing prompts? I can't really find anything that is actually useful....
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    Sorry Fishgirl1983, I am using prompts from past writing classes from hs and college. Honestly, I think that if you passed English with a good grade you should be fine. I bet it's mostly about can you organize your thoughts and be clear and concise. (That's my guess).
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    Hi guys

    I've been doing something like jammin_jewel has been doing by digging up some of my AP European and US history essays (wow, I wrote a lot of those long, boring history essays!) but it's not really much help for me other than helping remind me of the format and style of writing to an academic panel because these essays were written with a lot of European and US history backgrounds and with the E-write, we don't have to do any research in order to write.