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Hello everyone, I have just applied to Bellevue College for Fall 2012/Winter 2013 and I just want to hear from anyone who has also applied there. What are your TEAS scores? Do you guys know when... Read More

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    Hey Cyndy
    The GPA is only taken into account really if you are tied for the last spot. (That is unless the grades are under the minimum then the grades will make the applicant disqualified.)

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    What TEAS score and GPA did you have Cyndy?
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    They don't take GPA into account, unless there is a tie. A lot of the profs didn't agree with only using the TEAS score.
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    I had a few profs that thought there should also be letters of recommendation. One thought it should only be based on A & P. You know who I am talking about if you had him!

    Thanks for your answers and clarifying. Really makes me wonder why it takes them so long.
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    They still have to make sure all our other documents are there and that we are qualified. Plus the magnitude of applications probably affects the time it takes. But I do agree that it seems like forever to hear back.
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    I know that they verified the documents at the very beginning. Or at least it seemed that way. They called me about one missing injection I needed to fax them. It was just about a week after the deadline. I am hoping that the scores in general are a little bit lower so we all get in.
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    I hope they send out the letters in early April, although I'm sure we'll have to sweat it out until the end of the month haha. Good luck to everyone!!
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    I just wish that we at least know what TEAS scores they are accepting into the program! I think that that would help us all calm down a bit more. I wonder why they're so secretive about it (They say that they won't release scores yet because they are not yet done evaluating and picking out their candidates for the program, but I think maybe they just don't want to disclose that info?)
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    A little less than a month left. We can do it guys! Hang in there.
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    Has anyone been contacted about the E-Write test yet? I know they were going to contact people after the deadline, but they never gave a time frame for it. Are eligible applicants going to be contacted before acceptance letters go out?

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