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Hello everyone, I have just applied to Bellevue College for Fall 2012/Winter 2013 and I just want to hear from anyone who has also applied there. What are your TEAS scores? Do you guys know when... Read More

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    I didn't get a chance to, work got in the way ......I doubt that they have the averages of the scores yet, but perhaps they do? I don't really want to annoy them with phone calls, but it sure is tempting! April seems far away
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    i just wanted to respond to margritamix's comment (below) about the two percentile scores on the teas... one is "national" and one is "program". the "national" percentile is your percentile among everyone who has taken the teas. the "program" percentile is your percentile among everyone who has taken the teas for the same type of program. it is not specific to the bellevue college program, but rather to any 2 year adn program, as opposed to a bsn program or a lpn program. when you filled out the application to take the teas, it asked for that information.

    i am also very happy to see people joining our discussion! hi everyone! i hope we all get to meet at orientation!!!


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    hello everyone!

    i am so glad that more people have responded to this thread
    to answer some questions, i have been looking at my score report from my last teas test and there are two percentile scores: one of them is for bellevue college specifically and one of them is for nationally.
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    just out of curiosity rnjenn….what was your percentile? since your score was so high it would be interesting to know! did you hit the 100th?!
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    Ha ha, my bad!

    Thanks rnjenn for correcting me but yeah, since you got a pretty high raw score, are you part of the 99th percentile?
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    I had interpreted the national and program scores to mean the same thing as you... I can't remember who, but someone explained it to me so I thought I would just pass the info along.

    My scores were 99th percentile.
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    Does anyone know why it takes so long for them to determine who is accepted? I mean, it's based on a single score, so I don't understand why it takes near two months for acceptance letters to get mailed out.
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    Agree. You'd think by now they will know who have been accepted into the program or not especially since they're only basing it on TEAS scores. Oh well, a few more weeks to go.

    Did you guys apply anywhere else or is Bellevue your top choice?
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    I'm counting on Bellevue. I think my score should be enough to get in. I looked into Seattle Central, but kept getting the run around regarding questions about credits, etc. I went to an info session and the woman running it could barely answer any questions, and kept telling us to email the department. (I did, and never got a reply.) I guess that left a bad taste in my mouth, because I haven't made much of an effort towards my application there.

    Meanwhile, everything at Bellevue seemed to go so smoothly. Prompt email replies, excellent answers during info sessions, loads of help with the application --- everything feels much more organized and straight forward.
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    Yeah, I heard that Seattle Central had some organization problems within their RN program as well.

    Now all we can do is wait and hope we all get in
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    Is anyone doing the CNA program at BC this spring?
    I am in hopes that I also get into the nursing program!
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    Has anyone heard anything from the program yet? I'm dying to know everyone TEAS scores!
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    I have taken a CNA course but I did not take it through Bellevue college. I took mine through North Seattle CC. Cynthia, I am not sure if you are looking to get into a CNA program that is fairly quick to finish (it takes about a month or so), but my mom took her CNA course at NATI up by Aurora Ave. and she says that the place is pretty good and quick at teaching CNA basics.

    I agree with you downton, I also would like to know other people's TEAS scores but only because I want to get a feel for what the lowest and highest scores are being considered by the college for entry. I am almost tempted to just call the nursing school myself just to find out what the average test score is that they are considering.
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    Margritamix please don't forget to post, if you do call and ask them!!!! I would LOVE to know as well, since none of the other 215 applicants have said anything yet!