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Hello everyone, I have just applied to Bellevue College for Fall 2012/Winter 2013 and I just want to hear from anyone who has also applied there. What are your TEAS scores? Do you guys know when... Read More

  1. by   downton
    How many people got into the program last year?
  2. by   margritamix
    Yeah, I totally agree with downton. I would be so angry if I get disqualified because I didn't do well on the e-write but had all of the qualifications (Teas score, GPA, etc.) to get into the program. I think the only reason why we have to take the e-write after the deadline was because they decided to add this criteria late into the application process and having to tell all of the prospective applicants to have to take this too (at the last second) would have probably caused a riot :/
  3. by   Fishgirl1983
    downton........BC takes 36 people into fall and 36 into winter quarter. So all together 72 people get in. I'm not sure how many people get on the wait list? But from reading the thread from last year, it appears that they took at least 16 people into the program from the wait list eventually.
  4. by   downton
    Sounds like a big chunk of the applicants will be accepted then (a third of the overall applicants? not sure on exact number). And from the scores everyone has shared here, it seems like we're all in good shape.
  5. by   jammin_jewel
    I know it is still really early but I am still disappointed every day when a letter doesn't come in the mail.
  6. by   Fishgirl1983
    I really wish I was as positive as you downton!! In my crazy mind 200 people made at least a 90% on the TEAS That's all I can think about is that everyone did very well and my score will not be good enough...I have already started thinking about the next year's application process...
  7. by   margritamix
    Oh, please don't assume the worst, Fishgirl! For fear of sounding extremely nerdy, I will just say that through standard deviation, especially with the results from last year's cohorts who got in (thanks statistics!), the average scores that will be accepted this year should not vary too much from the accepted TEAS scores last year.

    What really worries me is being disqualified because I did not get a high enough grade from the e-write ...that really has me scared.
    By the way, I am now just trying to go online to look up writing guides for essay exams. Next week, I plan to write an essay a day and have my family members and friends critique them with the same rubric as those given out by Compass. I hope I will be prepared enough for that test.

    Are you guys also starting to write mock essays to prepare?
  8. by   downton
    Fishigirl, I wouldn't worry about your score. I went to an info session a couple of months ago and a girl asked if her current TEAS score (90%) was good, and asked if taking it again was worth it. Both the presenters stopped her immediately and told her not to take it because her score was plenty high, and taking it again would just be a waste of money. So considering their thinking a 90% is basically automatic admission, I think we're all safe. I also recall from either the info session or the thread for last year that the lowest score admitted was around an 85%.
  9. by   ochar
    I hope we hear from them soon. I was crushed when I didn't get into the WSU nursing Program so Bellevue is my last hope! I got an 89 on the teas test, so I really hope that is good enough. Now I am freaking out about the writing test. Cant this process just be over yet?
  10. by   Fishgirl1983
    the moment someone gets a letter please post on here so we know to rush home as well!
  11. by   jammin_jewel
  12. by   hunt4hackett
    Check your mail. I'm going to take the e-write test!!
  13. by   CyndyRD
    Me too! I got in for the winter quarter.