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Hello to all, My apologies if this is a duplicate. I am new to this site. Currently I am finishing up Micro, and planning on taking Pre calc and Organic Chem in the fall. This will finish... Read More

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    Westcoastgirl, do you mind giving me some ideas on how to write the essay? I think the questions are HARD.

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    I am reviving this thread, as it is a few years old. I wanted to seek advice from more recent applicants and see what the applicant pool has been like. I know it varies from year to year, but I just hope to see how competitive I will be.

    I've taken General Chem, A&P 1, A&P 2, Lifespan and came away with 4.0s, except for getting a B in Chem since I took it early during my undergraduate career where I didn't have my priorities figured out yet. Currently, I am taking Micro and I am doing well in it (knock on wood). So by the time I apply, all I will need is: Nutrition, Stats, and Organic Chem.

    I hope to get a strong recommendation from my RN supervisor and my first degree was in liberal arts, so I feel confident that I'll be able to do well with my personal statement and the proctored essay. Sometimes, I actually prefer to write a long essay, than take a multiple choice test. I've been a CNA at a local hospital for 2 years on the float pool, so I've been exposed to a myriad of nursing specialties. I worked in student government during undergrad and serve as an adviser for a leadership development program for underclassmen by the time I was a senior. This included community service throughout all four years. I also became involved with student government at the Graduate/Professional level as well. Lastly, I was the Vice President of a Southeast Asian student commission and now serve as an Alumni Adviser.

    Anyway, any comments or advice that I can get on the application process will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!
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    I'd recommend attending their prospective applicant workshop - they also used to have the audio available online as well.
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    Thanks. I've downloaded the podcast already and listened to it quite thoroughly. I just wanted some fresh insight.
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    I haven't been on here in a long time, but I have just started UW's nursing program this fall. I don't know how I got in, but I did (first attempt). I am a post bach student and this is my second career. I would say a large portion of the current class already has a bachelor's degree, so don't be afraid that your chances are worse to get in if you have a bachelor's already. You will definitely want to have your CNA or some sort of other healthcare experience, not only for your app, but for when you actually get started in a program. You will not be learning very many basic skills. They presume you already know that stuff as you need experience to be accepted to begin with. I feel bad for the people who did not work as CNAs, they are really behind the rest of the class in my opinion. My GPA was totally average - 3.1 in prereqs and a 3.5 overall from previous degree. The proctored essay is not something you can prepare for. You just show up and answer the question or scenario. Definitely pick someone to write your recommendation who knows you WELL. The questions are very thorough and they want examples. It is going to take them a long time to do a good job on answering the questions for the letter of rec. Anything else you want to know, just ask.
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    Thank you, twinkletoes!! Your post is a tremendous help. I hope you're enjoying your 1st quarter so far. I was actually speaking with a friend about it yesterday as well. She's currently in the 1st quarter, too. Best of luck on your final exams!
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    j450, good luck with your admissions process it sounds like you are on track.
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    Thank you, buddy. I hope to get just makes the most financial sense right now. It's all I've been thinking about lately. I ended up deciding against Drexel. I just want to be close to home for now. Congrats on almost finishing your first quarter, though! I'm sure the rest will fly by.
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    J450n, we had had similar rides... I was initially doing the aBSN drexel for last spring... then delayed it until fall so I could apply and hope for the UW BSN route - I'm so glad it worked out on so many levels.
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    just_cause, Yes...I remember you telling me you were torn between Drexel or doing the CC route about a year ago. Well, I'm glad it has worked out for you as well. Cheers! I think I was too picky with schools and buying into people's criticisms of programs way too easily. I guess with any nursing school, there's always bound to be some criticism. Going to the UW would be convenient and I think it's a great school as well. So hopefully, I'll be seeing you in passing next year.

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