Anyone in or was in the WSU College of Nursing BSN program?

  1. I'm thinking about applying to WSU's College of Nursing and I would like to know more about it! I have been taking my prerequisites, and since most of them are generally compatible with other nursing schools, I was considering applying to other places as well. I really would like someone to sell me on this program, though. Does anyone have any experiences they would like to share? Details on classes, professors, class sizes, clinicals? How prepared you felt after graduation? How well WSU's program prepared you for your first nursing job? Social life (or lack thereof)?

    Any information would be helpful

    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   tokmom
    Hello, I'm not a WSU grad, but I do work with two of them. They have been on the floor now for almost year. They appeared to have very good organzational and critical thinking skills early on. I was impressed with how easy they came off of orientation. The only downside I noticed was their lack of IV, foley, NG insertions. It was pretty much nil. That took awhile to get up to speed.

    Hope that helps some!
  4. by   TristanNicole
    I'm currently an S1 (senior first semester) at WSU CON. I feel so far the school has prepared me very well for clinical. The instructors are all very knowledgeable and are there to help any time you want, they are all very approachable. The classroom atmosphere is different than any pre req classes you might take, since we have all classes together except clinical you get to know everyone and its a tight, fun community. There are 90 students in Spokane, 20 in tricities and 20 in Yakima. Even thought there are 90 students in the class it doesn't seem like that many. You form strong relationships with other students also, the friends I met my first semester are some of my best friends now. Each semester you spend a little less time in class and more time doing which is nice. First semester is clinical once a week in geriatrics, second is twice a week in med surg (hospital), third is twice at week, one with pediatrics and one with obstetrics and the last semester is split between mental health and senior practicum. You kind of do have a lack of social life but with the relationships you build with classmates you will spend time with them, and have fun, studying alot of times turns into something else, which most of the time is a nice break. There is also a 5 semester option if that interests you. I suggest you come take a tour of our facility!

    Link to website: College of Nursing: Prospective Students