Anyone else finishing prereqs and getting ready to apply?

  1. If so, what schools?

    I'll be finishing micro this fall quarter and be applying to UW, Seattle U, and Shoreline. I'm also looking to apply at a few ABSN programs out-of-state. However, I'm a little hesitant to do the latter since I'm not in a rush to finish school because it seems like no new grads are having luck finding jobs.
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  3. by   LetUrLightShineRN
    Where are you doing your pre reqs? I'm at Olympic College in Bremerton/Poulsbo.
  4. by   j450n
    I did some at Everett, but then I was in Seattle most of the summer, so I did an intensive summer quarter of A&P1 and A&P2 at North Seattle. In the fall, I am finishing micro at North Seattle as well. Good luck to you!
  5. by   NichelleNurse2b
    I am also finishing/ retating micro this fall. I plan to apply to highline, seattle u, tacoma cc, and bellvue
  6. by   LetUrLightShineRN
    Well ladies, I'm just beginning the journey. I'm in Chem 121,Psych 200, and Math 99 this quarter at OC and next quarter I am going to take Chem131 and Bio 241 and beat the odds (they strongly recommend that these courses be taken separately not concurrently) But I want to apply to the program and OC knowing that I will be passed over this year for insufficient points but will get an extra roll over point next year. I'm also applying at TCC hoping to get in the Fall of 2010 for Winter.
    Any advice on whether to take those classes concurrently or not? (please keep in mind that if I don't take them I will set myself back a minimum of 2 quarters at TCC and won't have the competitive roll over point that I might need to get accepted at OC.
    My real question is can I realistically expect that although I'm not a "science/math person" if I work my little butt off and study constantly can I get the 3.9-4.0 in those classes. If it's not realistic I shouldn't do it.
  7. by   KhristyGoff
    I am taking my last pre-req at Shoreline right now and then will be applying there and Everett - good luck to you!
  8. by   NichelleNurse2b
    To be honest I would not do it. I took anp and micro together so that I could get in sooner, and the plan backfired now I am retaking micro. These class require full on attention and it is not easy. i would just take my time.
  9. by   LetUrLightShineRN
    NichelleNurse2B- Thanks for being honest! I feel like the smart thing would be to just slow down and do it right and take Chem 131 and Bio 241 separately. I'm in Chem 121 right now and apparently a lot of my classmates (all pre nursing students) are retaking Chem 121. These classes are no joke. Still I really tempted to try if I can do it.
    Let me ask you: When you took A & P and Micro did you work or have family obligations? Just wondering. I know I know : )
  10. by   NichelleNurse2b
    I worked weekends and I have a toddler. If you have a pretty open schedule and have great study skills you can do it. But it was not easy at all. you end up choosing which class is more important towards the middle of the quarter when it gets really hard and you study for one over another. thats what messed me up.
  11. by   LetUrLightShineRN
    I have so much respect for you Mom's doing this! I see also that you're 20. I'm 32 and only now do I finally have myself together so that I can be a serious student. When I was your age I was unfocused, immature, and impulsive. Good job! I hope Micro goes well for you this Fall. Thanks for the advice!
  12. by   LetUrLightShineRN
    Well approx 4 weeks into my first quarter back in school, working towards completing the prereqs to get into a nursing program. I've got Chem 121 this quarter and I'm doing well but after much consideration I have decided to go with my instincts and take Chem 131 next quarter and A&P 1 the following quarter instead of taking them concurrently. There's a chance I would have done well but it's too much of a risk. Some schools won't allow more than one repeat and I can't afford to risk it and get in over my head. This will put me back at least 18 months. But who knows maybe in the long run it's going to put me ahead. Slow and steady wins the race right?
  13. by   Miss_Piggy.RN
    Currently, I am taking precalculus and Psych 200. These are my last prerequisites I have to take before applying to the nursing program. YEY!!! Then, I am taking some brake from the school and will be applying for a FALL 2010
  14. by   PadawanLearner
    I'm taking Physiology and Pharmacology this semester. Next semester I have to take a couple of pre-reqs I was told I didn't need to take because I have a B.A., but then found out that they're required for the program. Should be easy 4 points. Just have to get through Pharm. lol I'm applying for the accelerated program this coming June. My school does the point based entry "competition", and I'm looking at being at least 5 points higher than the cut off score last year, so here's hoping.