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Hey everyone! Just waiting on acceptance/rejection letters. I was wondering if anyone applied to Seattle Central Community College this year (for Fall 2010 entrance). If so, have you heard... Read More

  1. by   smae
    Hey everyone, I just got my acceptance "email" on May 29 2010. No letter yet but the email it says it should come soon. I sent my application on Feb 1. Orientation is in 2 weeks. Congratulations on everyone that made it. See you soon.
  2. by   katieus
    She (Nancy, I believe) says my number is a little ways down the list still so I'm not sure if that means if I made it to the actual acceptance list or if I did not. She talks about rounds of letters and apparently the first round of letters went out on Friday but I have not seen anything yet so I assume I didn't make that first set of them. I hope this doesn't mean I'm out completely. Does anyone know how this system works- rounds of letters? I've been trying to ask them directly but they're not very specific and they seem very annoyed to be asked questions like that. Thanks for the info! Also, smae and POMIGRANT, congrats! That's wonderful you got in! I hope I'll be joining you in the program! *fingers crossed* :-)
  3. by   smae
    Thank you katieus. When did you mail in your application? I have no clue how the round of letters work but I have a friend who mailed application around the first week of April ( and the deadline was a week after) and she got accepted to the program.
  4. by   katieus
    smae: Oh wow, she applied pretty late and still got accepted already? Did she hear of her acceptance the same way as you- email? Have you gotten anything in the mail yet? I applied around February 15th and have heard nothing. So confused.. Maybe there is still hope because I thought it was purely on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  5. by   smae
    I thought It was a first come first serve too so I was really suprised when she told me. Our guess was other people dropped out before the program even started and that could have gave way for other applicants. They also had kind of a waitlist last year (they posted this info on the website) I called about it last year and she (nancy) said that even if you are on this "list" the chances of getting in are slim. She said during the information session a couple of months ago that they accepted more applicants last year than before. Because of this Im not even sure if its really a first come first serve .Anyway, they did email my friend also. Dont lose hope Feb 15 is still an early date.
  6. by   rokbe
    is anyone attending SSCC and using loans.i read that they dont participate in the federal loan programs.Is this true.So where do you get a loan??
  7. by   smae
    Quote from rokbe
    is anyone attending SSCC and using loans.i read that they dont participate in the federal loan programs.Is this true.So where do you get a loan??
    Hey, ive been looking for loans on this school and wells fargo is the bank where you can loan. Unfortunately Seattle Central is not qualified for Sallie Mae, Chase, Discover, and other private loans except for wells fargo So you really cant choose around
  8. by   hopefulinseattle
    I applied pretty late late, maybe a week before the deadline and I got an email yesterday saying I was accepted into the program. However, I also read that SCC doesn't offer federal aid. I also got into the winter quarter at Bellevue College so will probably end up going there. Especially since I haven't heard much about the SCC ADN program. If you haven't heard back yet. I wouldn't give up hope