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I have an issue...I applied to be licensed in MD, everything went through and I am waiting to take the NCLEX in a week. However, I was just offered a position in DC. I am wondering how would I go about switcing over to a DC... Read More

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    I think the NURSY( verification system) takes care of our license, so one shouldn't have to bring one. Maryland said they didn't even send paper license anymore, they sent me a certificate...

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    OK...yeah I got the same thing. Welp fingers crossed that tomorrow goes smoothly and we can walk out there tomorrow with a temporary DC license!
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    Everything went smoothly. The only thing I would add is to bring the printed confirmation of your NURSYS (verification). She took the copy I had, but I don't think its required. It was a smooth and quick process. I was also able to get my finger printing done. I got there about 10:30 and was done with BON and fingerprinting by Noon. I drove to each place and had to find parking and then walk.
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    Thanks for the info. I am glad it went smoothly for you. Still not on NURSYS Left another message for Ms. Frisby and I am currently on hold to try to talk with a person from MD BON! 31 minutes so far...
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    All completed! Very quick and easy process compared to everything else we have been through. I even lucked up with finding parking at each place! It took me about 2 hours including dropping everything off at WHC. So glad that's over with.

    Ashnem: I hope everything works out for you. I would call every number listed.
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    I spent hours doing that. Left messages for Frisby, all the IT guys... I talked to one person who said "up to 7-10 business days". So frustrated...
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    OMG!!! I hate MBON. Why couldn't they just submit your name to Nursys the same time they did ours? Have you talked to WHC about your situation?
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    Quote from tgary08
    Ashnem Im in the same situation as you with needing my license switched over ASAP after taking the NCLEX next week. I test on 2/2 and need a DC license by 2/15. I called the DC BON and I was told that we would need to be re-fingerprinted in DC (waste of money, I know). The total cost for endorsment in DC will cost $310 which includes $30 fee to use an online verification system. They will issue us a temporary license that will alow us to work until the results of our background check come through. Hope this helped somewhat.
    how did you et your temporary license I need one by april 16 is it too late for me?
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    Go to the DCBON. Everything is better to do in person.
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    Most time if you get everything done on that day, they can give you a temp license the same day you go there.

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