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I wanted to start a thread for those in the application process for the Harrison Medical Center Residency program that begins in September 2012. I was called today and have an interview scheduled on July 19th! If there is... Read More

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    I ended up not being offered a position. Hope the both of you did.

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    Please don't be too discouraged by not being offered a position at Harrison. There are much better places out there!
    As nice as everyone seems there, if you ask me there seems to be something kind of strange about the whole process. I had an interview there for the march cycle, flew in from out of state for it. Everyone was very nice to me, and I felt I did very well. The director of the program even said she'd advocate for me. Anyway, more than two weeks go by and they finally call me and give me some line about how they chose me but didn't end up having the budget. It was rough, but after moving out to Seattle, I found that they pulled the same thing on a lot of people. That they offer interviews to a whole bunch of out of state candidates, but almost always fill there spots with internal candidates. While I was out here I kept in touch with everyone, in anticipation for the sept cycle. Long story short when time came to apply I stopped getting responses or advice from the people I had interviewed and stayed in touch with. It's like they totally forgot I existed, except for the form rejection email they finally sent me. The whole thing was kind of lousy. I chalked it up to a learning experience and ended up with a much better job. So excuse the rant I just want to encourage you not to give up on the northwest it it's where you want to be.
    Best of luck!
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