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Does anyone know if Georgetown and WHC have discontinued their scholarship agreement? This is the scholarship where 80% of tuition is paid in exchange for three years at WHC post-grad. I know the terms were being renegotiated... Read More

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    Thank you for your response! One thing that I've been stressing about with the scholarship is not being able to necessarily get the job you might prefer at WHC after graduation. Do you know whether you can switch within those three years if a job you would have preferred becomes available or are you locked into wherever you get hired after graduation?

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    You can switch...from what I understand you can switch after a year of year and a half
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    BREE, have you received a scholarship application by e-mail? The Georgetown website mentions sending the application to us in mid-February, but I haven't received anything. I am also applying for the ABSN Fall 2013 program.
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    Sorry, I meant BRE!
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    The Georgetown and WHC program has been discontinued for future classes probably related to sequestration and budget cuts. However, the hospital will complete it's commitment to current classes. You can switch units after you are hired, although there are certain criteria you have to meet before you can switch and you most likely won't be able to switch until a year and a half after you are hired. Furthermore, in order to switch, you will have to do a bridge program. If you do a bridge program i.e. bridge to ICU, ED, PACU, LD, NICU etc., this will add another year of commitment to WHC. So if you start off with floor nursing and switch to to ICU or NICU halfway through your commitment, you'll have a total of 4 years commitment to working for WHC because you can not fulfill work commitments concurrently. If you do the bridge program and leave before your commitment is up, then you will owe the hospital 5,000 leaving. If you don't plan on leaving or breaking your contract, then you have nothing to worry about. Just read your contract closely when they send it to you and make sure you agree to all the terms. Hope this helps.
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    Ambermulan thanks for the info but that's awful!! I'm applying for the fall class of 2014 and I had high hopes :-/

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