Georgetown Accelerated BSN hopefuls -- fall 2013 - page 8

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Hey -- anyone else applying to GU Fall of 2013? :)... Read More

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    Anyone get a confirm for the WHS yet?
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    Haha, you are much too nice. My fiance and I were just talking yesterday about how ridiculously confusing FA is. There are so many laws and variables, and they're always changing, and always different for every school. So don't worry -- I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with your age.

    And yes! It would be great to be accepted right before the big day. Although I wouldn't complain if it happened even sooner, haha.

    And no, I haven't heard any confirmation for the WHC scholarship. I didn't get any response when I emailed my essay in, either. Did anyone else?
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    I did get a quick confirm from Dr. R. that she received my essay. I sent mine in early, so she probably had more time to respond.
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    Hey just thought I would check... (if you guys don't mind ) about how long your essay was? I know they said 1000 word max, but did you guys use all of that? I know, probably a silly, nit picky question, but its all the nerves!!!

    Sounds like I'll meet a lot of you on the 5th or 6th!
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    Mine was 993. But, I always have trouble being concise! If you feel confident that you covered the questions well, hold your head high and submit it. It's quality, not quantity. :-)
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    Is anyone else coming from out of state? I decided to switch to the 5th and 6th so I will be meeting a lot of you! Looking forward to it!
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    What is on the 5th and/or 6th? I received a WHS application, but did not see any date specifics?
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    and by out of state I mean out of the DC area
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    Ebab, people are referring to an e-mail inviting selected applicants to attend Georgetown for an informational meeting/tour. If people mention two dates, the other date involves the WHS scholarship interview. (The deadline for the scholarship application essay is March 26.) So, check your e-mail and spam folder for any recent Georgetown e-mails. Good luck, and I hope you get good news!
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    Thank you Professor T! So some of you have already received interview dates via email?