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    Valval. Thanks for heads up about the Facebook page. What should I search for? I hear you about giving your notice. I'm telling my boss today that I'll be leaving in August. Are you still doing prereqs? I am still working on them through the summer. So working full time ant taking three classes is not fun but worth it. Did you hear about the scholarship yet? I sent gtown a message over the weekend telling them I hadn't heard anything and they said the email was sent on may 7 like you said. I just never received it . So they sent me the info yesterday and I did my essay last night. They said they'd still consider me since I didn't receive the email. I hope that's true. Did you hear what the next step was? Thanks.

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    I found the FB page. Thanks!
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    Hi Mokykla! Oh no, so sorry you didn't get the scholarship email! I hate when my emails filters messages for me. I am sure you have stalked your emails as I have been so its definitely not your error. From looking at the trends on this forum, folks received their acceptance on a Friday and the scholarship email on the following Friday. So hopefully we will follow the same pattern and hear something by this Friday. I called Laura and she said the scholarship emails would come directly from Washington Hospital Center. I would go ahead and say "yes" you get it because "they" made a mistake :-). You are having a busy summer getting all that coursework done-I completed all of my coursework a few years ago; it took me awhile to get back to applying to schools. We weren't sure if we were going to remain in the DMV area, but if all goes well we will be here for at least another 4 1/2 years!!! I am so nervous ans excited it is hard to think of anything else.
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    Thanks for the encouragement. I hope that's the case with the scholarship. The only reason I applied early was because the scholarship is going away after the fall. Who are you on the FB page? I'm Michael H. I'm male btw. Not sure how I got the female sign on my profile here. haha. And can't figure out how to change it.
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    Hi Michael, (thanks for sharing your name), I'm Valerie or Val for short. I am not on the Georgetown page yet, gotta stay in the shadows for a little while longer - too many of my coworkers are my facebook friends including my director. haha
    No worries on the symbol here. I didn't realize I was a question mark until you made me look. .
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    Oh, right. Forgot about the job thing. I've been so tempted to just give my notice now. But I feel like I should be responsible and work up until August to save some extra money. So, we will which side wins over
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    Have any of the applicants for the extended deadline been invited to the WHC scholarship interview yet? If so, I am curious as to when they are scheduled. I have prerequisite course mandatory labs on a couple of weekends this month and wondering if Gtown and WHC will be flexible on this. Any advice? Thanks
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    Hi Mike, no word yet, but we may receive a 5pm email again today. The group who applied before us received their scholarship emails the Friday after they were accepted. So stay close to your email today! Good luck!
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    No email here.
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    Nope. Same here. (Sigh)

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