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  1. by   nursingjudgment
    I was under the impression the scholarship wasn't offered anymore. Is this not the case?
  2. by   nickriga
    Oh, I'm not sure! Maybe you're right. I guess we'll find out.
  3. by   nursingjudgment
    I have a friend who goes there and she told me it was discontinued. I haven't heard anything about it being renewed, but that would be wonderful!
  4. by   ShanghaiGirl
    Re: the interview time, I saw somewhere on the FAQs of the site that does the video interviews that the maximum time is 4:00. It still recorded beyond four minutes, which confused me, but I kept it to four minutes just in case. In retrospect Georgetown probably would have indicated in their materials that it had to be so short, and they didn't, so mine was probably too short. Anyway, no word back on interviews yet. Admissions said selected applicants will be invited to campus visit days that take place in March, so I'm assuming we will hear back this month! I hope that me and my fingernails will be able to make it through the next four weeks!
  5. by   amc074
    Hey guys,
    I was accepted last semester and ended up choosing a different school, but I saw this thread and just wanted to let you know they do still offer the WHC scholarship. You'll eventually get an email to apply for it (I don't remember when exactly), and then you email an essay to the coordinator at WHC. If you choose to apply for WHC you go to an information session and then meet and greet (which was a wine and cheese party for us haha) on Friday at GU with everyone and then Saturday you take a tour of WHC and do your interview with all of the other people who applied to WHC.
  6. by   nickriga
    Thanks for the update, amc. Much appreciated!
  7. by   oh191
    Anyone else still not have a GPA calculated from NursingCAS? I submitted my application a couple of weeks ago but still no change to the status.
  8. by   nickriga
    As of this morning my GPA hasn't been calculated either. Apparently it can take up to 5 weeks for them to calculate :/
  9. by   mnelligan
    Hey everyone! I applied for the Fall 2013 semester as well!

    I was told that the average interview is around 5 minutes but longer is certainly fine. As for the GPA, mine hasn't processed yet either but I'm glad that just isn't my fault!

    So I know the application checklist/guidelines mentioned we will hear about admittance by the beginning of April. Does anyone know if that holds true this semester? And do we know if we will get an email?? Or will it be snail mail? If its the latter, I will be running home each day

    Best of luck to all of you!!!
  10. by   nickriga
    Just received the preliminary email from Georgetown asking to confirm all of my information has been submitted. The gears are turning!
  11. by   ShanghaiGirl
    That e-mail confused me a bit. It said selected applicants are invited to a campus visit; does that mean that if you're not selected for the visit you already know you won't get accepted to the program? Admissions told me earlier that the visit days are in March, so it would seem that we would know by the end of February whether or not we have a real shot at getting in.
  12. by   nickriga
    Yeah, that's my impression as well. Those selected = invited to campus visit.

    I also heard that there are no in-person interviews unless you're applying for the WHC scholarship. The video of yourself serves as the "interview" - is this true? Still no GPA calculation on my end, btw.
  13. by   BRE5013
    Nothing shows up when I click on my GPA section either! And of course whenever you call NursingCAS you have to wait forever to talk to someone and then they don't know what to tell you anyway!

    My video interview I did was only three minutes and I was talking so fast to fit it in because I thought it had to be shorter. I feel like we didn't really have any information or guidance on that portion of the application!

    I applied to Georgetown's program as a backup originally because I didn't think that they still offered the scholarship. Of course as soon as I submitted my application I realized that they do still offer it so now I am nervous, as I didn't really put my best effort forth on the application or video.

    From other threads that I read, it seems like there really isn't a one-on-one interview for Georgetown besides the video we record. Does anybody know if our application is still submitted without the GPA? The e-mail confirmation that Georgetown sent out was kind of vague..
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