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Hi all, I'm applying to GMU's accelerated BSN program for fall 2011 admission, and I have a few questions... First of all, I know that they don't require letters of recommendation, but will they... Read More

  1. by   espress099
    Thanks for the reply AEP. I hear ya on GW- I know it's not "proven" yet, but I feel as though it can't be bad since they have a great reputation... but worth the money, i dont know. I too, am trying to figure out which is the best value.. I regret not applying to Hopkins since it's number 1 in the country it may be worth the money (esp their 3 year RN-MSN program seemed great). I'm curious to know your final decision
  2. by   espress099
    On another note:
    I've heard a couple people say that communication and organization aren't great in the mason program and that really concerns me, especially if school is stressful enough I hate having to fix problems with the school that should have been done correctly in the first place (this has perpetually frustrated me with public schools ..private seem to do a much better job- but you PAY for it$$).

    Could someone please elaborate on the communication/organization issues (ie can't get in touch with people, no emails returned etc)... are they annoying enough that I should choose a different, more expensive school like GW?

    Also, what is Mason's reputation with local hospitals? I've heard INOVA is a great hospital and since clinicals take place there do you think they would be more apt to hire a Mason graduate?

    Where do Mason graduates typically get hired? Does one typically have a job lined up right before graduation?

  3. by   Qtpiecal
    Does anybody want to/know how to set up a facebook group? I feel like it would be easier to contact each other throughout the summer via facebook!!
  4. by   Qtpiecal
    Also, I spoke with someone from GMU's nursing dept and they pretty much said that those of us who received acceptance to the accelerated program can expect a favorable decision regarding admission to Mason.

    It still doesn't make sense how we can receive acceptance to a program within GMU and NOT receive acceptance to the university itself yet?!!
  5. by   edwinwt
    Qtpiecal, I think a facebook group is a great idea! It seems pretty simple to set up, but I need to add at least one friend to get it up and running. I need your help. Lets find each other on FB and get this going. You can search my name: Edwin Tucker.
  6. by   Qtpiecal
    From Falls church? There are alot of Edwin Tuckers....
  7. by   edwinwt
    Yeah. Edwin Tucker from Falls Church. The photo is my friend and I at an arcade.
  8. by   edwinwt
    Hello all. A few of us set up a facebook group: GMU Accelerated Nursing 2011. Please come and join the group!
  9. by   ealikhani
    Yeah, I dont expect those that got accepted to the nursing program to not get into the university. It's easier to get into the university than nursing program. Speaking of which, I got accepted to the university, but not nursing. I'm assuming there's no benefit to accepting it? (Does anyone know if they're trying to start a Spring program soon? I remember seeing that they were considering it but I dont know if there's official word if they'll start programs that don't start just in Fall)

    Nonetheless, this is your warning to check your mail today and tomorrow. You might get your university acceptance letters.
  10. by   espress099
    I find it weird that they haven't yet accepted you to the university- i applied back in sept and go accepted right away- within maybe like 3 weeks or so... maybe something happened to your application- i would def. call them and ask about it
  11. by   AEP1209
    I finally got my letter and got in! Now I just have to decide whether to go to GMU, Georgetown, or Marymount... Decisions, decisions.
  12. by   sweetferree
    I did get accepted to the school and not the program as well, but did get on the waiting list. Did you get on the waiting list? Have you heard anything about spring program yet? I am not counting on getting in from the waiting list, but just wondering if anyone else has heard anything...
  13. by   LawyerRN2b
    For those who got in, would you be willing to share your stats? Undergrad GPA, pre-req GPA, and what in your background you think made you stand out? I am about to go start my pre-reqs at NOVA in the fall and am planning to apply to only GMU and GT (would only be able to afford GT with the scholarship). I NEED to make this happen for myself. So exciting!