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Hi all, I'm applying to GMU's accelerated BSN program for fall 2011 admission, and I have a few questions... First of all, I know that they don't require letters of recommendation, but will they accept them and read them if... Read More

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    Has anyone received their acceptance letters to George Mason University?

    To get into the Nursing program you have to receive acceptance to both the university and the program.....While I did receive acceptance to the nursing program, I have yet to receive anything from George Mason itself about my acceptance to the university, and on the transfer website it says we should find out about our acceptance to GMU by April 1st.

    .....I am starting to get worried that my application wasn't filled out right????

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    I didn't get in... Time to really start applying out of state and to spring programs... I might as well use this opportunity to get a change of scenery. Good luck to you all!
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    Hi there, did you get into GMU for the fall BSN Program? I will be there in the fall and just trying to get a group together...
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    Hi there...I also received an admission letter to the nursing program, but not to the University....wondering the same thing....was everything filled out correctly?
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    Thrilled that I got in.....I'd love to hear more info about how the program is set up, etc.
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    Hi! I also got accepted to the nursing program but have not yet received an admission letter to the university itself. It says it needs a copy of the admission letter to the university by may maybe we'll receive one by then?
    Anybody know the answer to this? Thanks!
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    Yes....just spoke to the admissions office and they said that letters of acceptance or denial will be sent out this week. It's a little unnerving....not knowing what that letter says...
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    Thanks so much! Yeah, guess we'll find out then...hmm...
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    What's up friends! My name is Edwin and I'll be attending the accelerated program this fall. I would like to start communication with anyone else that is planning to attend. It would be nice to start making friends this summer. Please email me at I not opposed to a good old-fashion phone call: 571-451-6852. Congrats to all!
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    So I just found out I got into Mason and GWU... I'm not sure which program is better (I'm leaning towards mason just because its 20k (out of state) cheaper than GWU) ... Does anyone have any experience with either program? I'm trying to compare them but it's hard.. I feel like mason is less competitive (they only require a 2.75 gpa, which is the lowest of any program I've looked at) which makes GWU more appealing but I really dont know if it's actually worth the extra money.... any thoughts? any experience in the program at mason?

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