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Hey all! I was wondering if anyone got into Georgetown and/or got the WHC scholarship? I got into the Accelerated BSN program and I'm finding it hard to make a decision so I just wanted to see if anyone else is in the same... Read More

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    Ditto on the scholarship - it will be very hard to afford without it! Thanks for the info Koala!

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    Thanks to everyone for there comments and encourgment. I had my interview for the 2nd BSN prigram for Fall 09. It was a great experience and was very informative. Everyone was so helpful and excited about the program. The interview was very conversational and not intimidating and stressful... Thanks so much
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    Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for the helpful posts. I have an interview at GU next week and am nervous.

    I noticed that the deadline for WHC scholarship is April 8th. A day after my interview. Are we suppose to apply for the scholarship before we get an admissions decision without an opportunity to see the place where we will commit to working for 3 years after graduation?

    It seems like a silly idea. Does anyone else think so?
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    "The Georgetown Scholars at Washington Hospital Center Scholarship application deadline has been extended until April 15th. You may only submit the form once so please wait until your essays are finalized before sending."
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    I am attending the interview session on the 7th. I am actually flying in a little early (Sunday) so I can explore the city a bit. If anyone attending at the same time is interested in meeting before the 7th, please feel free to email me!

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    I graduated from Georgetowns accelerated BSN program this December, and I don't recommend it. For the money, you can get an equal or better education at any other nursing school. We frequently saw clinicals from Marymount and other DC nursing schools at the hospital, getting the same experience. We definitely had competitive classes and had no problem on the NCLEX, but the overall pass rate on the NCLEX is high anyways.
    My advice is to go to nursing school in the town where you want to ultimately work- that is the best way to get a job there. If you are commiting to a job in DC, then Georgetown is fine, but you could just as easily go to a cheaper school and not have as much debt when you graduate, and get the same job. Going for the Georgetown name, in this case, is just not that smart.
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    Thanks for your advice... How was it taking your nursing classes plus those additional classes, like religion... For students going this fall we take 2 nursing classes and 3 regular classes the 1st semester...

    I have the WHC Schlorship... Did you have the schlorship or now others who did and how did it work 4 them?

    I like the are to work in but my fiance is military so we go where they tell us.. but there are several bases in the area clase to WHC that he can get stationed at..
    Where did you end up working after your degree?

    Thanks again..
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    The theology classes were fine--- I liked it. I would recommend the standard one "Problem of God" and see if you can get a recommendation on the teacher. Some of the classes are taught by Jesuit priests and they're supposed to be really good. Don't take Buddhism- it's supposed to be really hard. There is a Holocaust class that is supposed to be awesome too.
    I had trouble finding a job after graduation out of state, and Georgetown didn't really tell us when to start applying- you should apply a LOT during your last semester. I started last month at University of Chicago, which I am really happy to have gotten. But Georgetown "name" will not get you a job unless you are in DC. I got in through a family contact.
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    I did my interview for the Georgetown accelerated BSN program on 10/3. There were about 45 of us in my group that day, which included a tour/group interviews for people interested in the WHC Scholars program.

    Getting into this program is highly competitive. I heard the admission rate was something like 1 in 9 for the Spring 2010 cohort. It's not just about grades. To get in, you need to show them that you have a passion for nursing (don't try to fake it), and that you really, really want to go to GU. Again, hearsay was that only about 1 in 3 applicants gets invited for an interview on campus. One third of those get offers.

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