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Does anyone know of any hospitals, community health agencies, long term care facilities, etc. in the D.C./northern Virginia/Maryland area hiring new grads right now? I'll graduate in December with a BSN and a strong resume but no... Read More

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    Well, I can't figure out how to send a message on here, haha. Oh well-- thank you for the reply. I'm graduating in 3 weeks, so I guess I'll be taking the NCLEX in January or February? Cause I have to wait until my final transcripts are sent to the DC board of nursing before I can apply for licensure, right? I've applied to about 20 positions, I think, and some have been filled by other candidates but I guess I have about a dozen still open. How did you go about finding a job in DC? Did you wait till you had your license? If you'd rather private message me, I can probably figure out how to reply to that, haha. Thank you!

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    DON'T wait until you have your license to apply!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next programs here start in feb and then the next one wont be until april or the don't want to go that long without a job after graduation. Apply now and call, call CALL, HR until you get ahold of someone. Trust me, that is practically the only way to find out anything. If you wait for them to call you, you will never hear anything. I have a friend who works at georgetown and he mentioned that the HR there turned down 1000 applicants. You have to do anything you can to get your name in the mix. If you are interested in washington hospital center (I work there), then I highly recommend signing up for dream day. A lot of the times people interview that same day. I know my unit is already interviewing for the feb positions. I moved here from florida so am not TOO familiar when any other hospitals, but if you have any questiosn about WHC let me know!
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    Don't forget Holy Cross in Silver Spring MD - just right over the DC line and right off the beltway - I live in DC and work at HC. I'm pretty sure they still have new grad positions on their website Good luck!!

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