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    Hi all - I'm a RN in Florida and I'm looking to volunteer some time (2 weeks) in Africa next summer. I'm hoping someone has already had that experience and can recommend a reputable organization to go through. I'm interested in doing HIV / AIDS work, possibly in Kenya or Tanzania. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.


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    I've heard good things about Doctors without Borders, but I know they require a minimum stay in your placed area and I'm certain that it's much longer than two weeks (I think it's something like six months..)
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    Good to have you join us.

    I moved your thread to the Volunteer Nursing forum for a better response. Please check out the sticky threads (found at the top of this forum) as well as other threads, for helpful advice.

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    I spent a year volunteering in Ethiopia - but it doesn't sound like that's what you are looking for.

    From the research that I did, I suspect that if you want to go for a short mission, you'll have to pay your own way.

    I recommend you start looking at the International Medical Vounteers Association:


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