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    I'm currently taking my Bachelor of Nursing. When my classmates and I heard about the devastation in Haiti, we were determined to help. I was just curious if anyone has information about if/how student RN nurses can volunteer in disaster zones. There would be about 30 of us that would travel together. We wouldn't be able to go until the summer because of school, but we are looking for somewhere to start planning a trip. Any suggestions or comments would be great! Thanks for all of your help!
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  3. by   AU-RN
    They are only accepting RN's to go to Haiti....the experience and credentials is what is required and needed.
  4. by   RunninRN10
    WHYYYYY DO you keep telling ppl this????!!!! Please do not believe this. They need all of the help they can get! You can go but go in a group. They do need experienced nurses as well as ppl willing to help. The experience is needed right now with all of the trauma patients, but ppl are also needed to help with other things-- Cleaning wounds, passing out food, assisting with other nurses and MD's do not let ppl tell you this, just search around and find an organization to go with. The worst move you can make is just going there with no organization. they have clinics set up. A friend was just there in Dec and was heading back yesterday until her flight was canceled. she has been in contact with other personell on the ground at Haiti and they NEED ALL OF THE HELP THEY CAN GET! Try and round up a variety of skills. You will want to have some RN's with you as well and even try to get an instructor. But whatever you do do not give up. Haiti will be in need of help months as well as years from now so do not give up and summer will be here before you know it and things will hopefully be more organized. so get talking now but do not let ppl tell you this. because like i mentioned earlier-they still will need help once the cameras leave! Good luck and start your travel planning early it takes a while to get everthing established!
  5. by   Mexarican
    Quote from AU-RN
    They are only accepting RN's to go to Haiti....the experience and credentials is what is required and needed.

    I echo JB17...are u bitter because you can't go or were told your skills are not needed?? It seems like your upset that people with "less" experience are getting to go and you are not? I have read a few threads on Haiti here and you always seem to pop up with this same what is it?