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Packing for Haiti

  1. 1 Any must-haves for my trip to Haiti tomorrow? (Yes, found out kind of last minute.)

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    Great that you are going... bring candy for the kids...maybe soap bubbles to blow! I want to see if I can go after I grad in May. Good luck and big blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow! Just saw your specialty... LOL I am an MSW w/ tons of psych experience... 0 tech... I even taught abnormal as an adjunct at the same school I go to now ....would love to hear about your experience when you get back!!!!!!!!!

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    Good idea on fun stuff for the kids! Will try to squeeze in some candy and bubbles. I don't actually have any psych experience outside of my degree...well, I guess everyday is a new psych experience, but no official counseling or anything. I actually went straight into ICU but my psych background certainly comes into play everyday!
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    I've been looking online for an opportunity to go to Haiti for possibly the entire month of May. Would you share info about your group and/or how you found them? My experience is 2 years ER. Thanks so much!
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    International Medical Corps is looking for ER nurses for all of May & June.

    International Medical Corps - International Medical Corps