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I'm trying to figure out how legit MCI in Virginia Beach is. They are listed on the NLNAC website, but I just wanna know if this makes them official?... Read More

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    Check out Virginia Board of Nursing ... it gives you a clear list of all nursing schools in Virginia and will say, full or provisional accreditation.

    Never rely on a school's website for all information. Especially when it comes to official accreditations. Schools can pretty much say/claim anything. Also, the websites aren't updated regularly, not even quarterly. You need to look at official state website information to check out any school.

    It also helps checking out websites like: CCNE, NLNAC to name a few. If still in doubt, try calling them. Emailing the appropriate people, until they get sick of you (just kidding). Eventually, they'll give you the 411 and hopefully that'll help you make a decision for yourself.

    Research alone takes a lot of work, it's like taking another course! Sometimes, I get headaches and I'm starting to hate computers now I need to do something fun soon or I'm gonna crack -- lol

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    There are three types of accreditation to look for. One is from the State Board of Nursing and enables graduates of the program to be eligible for Virginia licensure. The second is for the the for Nursing Program (NLNAC or CCNE) and indicates whether the School follows national standards of nursing education. The third is a regional accreditation (Southern Association of Colleges and Schools); it is this third type of accreditation that could indicate whether credit from one school could transfer to another, and whether the degree from that college can be recognized nationally.

    The NLNAC website indicates that MCI - Virginia Beach was initially accredited in January 2009 and granted a 5 year accreditation. This is normal for first-time accreditation reviews.

    The website for SACS indicates that ECPI Virginia Beach is on warning.
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    Once you become licensed you can go to any state and pay there fees to become licensed in that state you don't have to take the test over.
    I am also a military wife and I understand about the time crunch. Although MCI is private you can get your LPN quicker than a traditional college yes its more expensive but unless you have 2 or three years to stay in VA I would go to MCI. Also to help pay for school you can go to MyCAA (find out more info from Fleet family support center) they give you $6,000 toward any program in demand. It can be used for traditional or private school you just have to be enrolled.
    Also Nursing school period is very stressful you might think about waiting until you are permanetly stationed somewhere.
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    Chillima- What were your clinical sites in VA Beach? Were you in the BSN program? I'm at MCI in Richmond and may be moving to the Tidewater area for a job. I'm extremely unhappy with the lack of clinical sites here. Just wondering what it is like down there.

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