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  1. Highlights of Nursing in Virginia

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    link to the virginia board of nursing

    find out about rn, pn, nurse aide and registered medication aide include nclex pass rates: education programs

    approved medication aide training programs
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    Is there a way to recieve credit from medical studies to be eligible to obtain the LPN certificate?
    What would I need to do?

    I am working as a med tech for Sunrise while studying for my USMLE Step 2 to begin residency next year. I would like to increase my responsiblity and earnings while providing the care I have learned through clincial medical experience.

    I have graduated Med school in Guadalajara and just finished one year of clinical experience with New York Medical College.

    Thank you,
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    Link to the Virginia Board of Nursing
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    The only way to really find out is to contact the state board.