VCU traditional fall 2013 hopefuls

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    Anyone here applied for vcu traditional program??? We should be hearing back from them in the next few days or so. I looked at the thread for the acclerated program and they got their letters/emails Jan 22nd(late Jan) So hopeful we get ours March 22nd, which would be tomorrow......... i'm so nervous...this whole process has taken over my life for the pass 4 years. I'm a senior this year and finishing up in the summer with a general science degree. I've been applying for the program since attending vcu the only year i didn't apply for was for fall 2012. I really really really hope i get in this time.

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    Did you get in?? I applied and got my email today! I also applied to Bon Secours..still waiting to hear back from them
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    Hey I got in I got my email this morning
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    Congratulations!! I think Bon Secours is my #1 choice though. Where else did you apply?
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    MCV was the only place I applied. I've applied a lot, Since my freshman year. Right now I'm finishing up a general science degree and I have two summer classes left then MCV in the fall If I hadn't got in there I would have applied for reynolds lpn and rn program. I took the prereqs for reynolds last summer and summer of 2011. When does Bon Secours send letters out?
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    SUPPOSEDLY I hear back around the 15th of April...the same time that VCU requires their deposit D:
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    Did you hear from BSMCON yet? I am waiting anxiously as well!
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    I haven't heard back from Bon Secours YET, but looking back at previous years when they sent out admission decisions, it will hopefully be this week! I think that I am going to go to VCU's nursing school, though
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    yeah, a girl in my class hasnt heard back from Bon Secours either. Yay it would be great if you went to VCU They set up some CPR classes for us to take(discount prices!!) before summer starts, I signed up for May 6. its from 8-12pm:***: I signed up for classes and so far I only have that one nursing class that meets thursdays.
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    im going to the same CPR class! And I just the email saying that i got into Bon Secours today! But I'm sticking with VCU! And yeah, i have signed up for the class on thursdays in the fall, too

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