VCU MCV hiring processes

  1. Has any experienced nurses applied to VCU in the last month or so? Have you received any call backs for interviews or have been hired? There are several positions posted that have been up for months.I have applied and received a call from the nurse recruiter that my application was forwarded to the unit's manager being very promising of an interview but I have yet to get a call back for an interview and it's been a month. Is this normal for the organization? Should I hold out a little longer? Or is this basically a way of the unit's manager saying they aren't interested? Does anyone out there have any insight? Let me know! Thanks!
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  3. by   RNLady115
    I was told by a recruiter that she would forward my application and resume to the nurse manager. Lo and behold- 3 weeks later I finally got a call from the nurse manager. She said she had noticed that I had applied in April, and she had no idea! IDK what the deal is with the recruiters- but I would suggest trying to get the email address of the nurse manager and contacting them yourself. It seems that you would probably get a much quicker response that way. I finally have an interview with them!
  4. by   CM320RN
    I am thinking of relocating to the Richmond area and I was wondering if either of you guys ends up working at VCU? If so, how long did it take you to get hired, and what kind of pay would I be looking at? I am an RN with a BSN and about 10years exp.
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  5. by   nakeia
    Finally got hired a year after initially applying then reapplying 6 months later but this may be different based on the unit you apply for and their need. Also recommend finding out who the manager is of that unit and sending an email to them as well. They base their pay on a point system. You get points on what type of degree you have and years of experience. Hope this helps.