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Hey, everybody!! I'm new to this site. I was wondering if anyone is applying for vcu's accelerated program this year for the summer of 2013? I'm currently a junior at VCU, finishing up a degree w/minor in psy. I'm... Read More

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    I'm going to make a facebook group- spread the word!!!! It will be call VCU ABSN Class of 2014 CONGRATS EVERYONE!!!

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    does anyone know what the out of state tuition is for this absn program?
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    I think it is around $12,000 per semester. So around $48,000 for the entire program. I found it on a tuition and fees calculator on the VCU enrollment services website.
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    Is there a fb group yet?
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    The program is five semesters though, so around 60k for out of state tuition
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    Let us know when there's a fb group!!!
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    I'm in! Congrats to everyone else that also got in! I would like to make the group, but I have to be able to invite at least one other person to join the group in order to create it. My name is Rachel Kashy, so feel free to add me as a friend on facebook and I will create the group! Looking forward to meeting you all!
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    The group is officially up on facebook! Search for VCU ABSN Class of 2014 and you will find it!
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    The group doesn't come up when I search for it on Facebook . Anyone else having trouble finding it or is it just me?
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    It should be up! I'm in it Anyone who is starting in May is more than welcome to friend me on FB through the group too-Isabel Chreky! I have some major housing questions that I would love some help with!

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