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Hey, everybody!! I'm new to this site. I was wondering if anyone is applying for vcu's accelerated program this year for the summer of 2013? I'm currently a junior at VCU, finishing up a Read More

  1. by   Mlc12
    Just wanted to see if they were all sent at the same time.
  2. by   HealthEnthusiast
    Hi everyone! My application is also under review!

    Like sas4vv, I'm here for moral support. It's troubling to hear about people with such good stats being waitlisted in years past. I'm starting to worry about the fact that I am not taking micro until next semester. I am also going to retake A&P I and II in the spring for higher grades (got a C+ in human physiology, oops!). It sounds like they care a lot about prerequisite grades, so I'm afraid they might waitlist me to see how I do in those classes. I'm nervously hoping they will like me anyway.
  3. by   pura-vida
    Hi, everyone! Does anyone know how many people VCU is taking this year for their accelerated program? I think it's a fairly high number.
  4. by   HealthEnthusiast
    Ok, I don't want to cause any unnecessary waves if this is nothing, but when I looked at my application summary to see if there was any change, the "application status - complete and ready for review" had been entirely removed. It makes me wonder if maybe a decision has been made...

    Have any of you seen a change in your status?
  5. by   Mlc12
    I just checked mine. It was also removed. I can't even remember where it was before. This makes me nervous.
  6. by   MaddieHope'13
    Hi everyone!

    I just joined because I can't stand to just wait for my decision letter/email anymore and I have to do something! I applied for the ABSN program and it is truly the only school I really want to go to. I have no idea whatsoever what my chances really are of being accepted. If anyone has any idea at all, good or bad, I'd love to hear some feedback. My stats are as follows:

    Currently a senior (set to graduate May 11) at Radford University majoring in Sports Medicine
    Cumulative GPA: 3.38.. Dean's List for the last several semesters, I was initially a Biology Major and received a couple of C's in my bio classes
    Anatomy & Physiology: B, B
    Microbiology: B
    Statistics: B
    Taking Developmental Psych this Spring
    As far as experience goes, I indicated in my personal statement that, starting this month, I am doing a 30 hr/week internship at a Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center at my local hospital as well as shadowing nurses on the various floors. I completed an internship with a Physical Therapy clinic (but I don't think that part made it into my application or personal statement). I'm pretty young so I don't have a heavy medical background, but I did read from an admitted student that roughly 60% of the students finished their first degree within the last 2 years.

    I'm hoping that having a degree in Sports Medicine will show them that I have a rehab perspective that could be helpful. I've taken so many human-applied science classes so hopefully that means something. Anyway, sorry to blabber on. Good luck to all and again, if anyone has any feedback, I'd love some!
  7. by   passion4_nursing
    Hi MaddieHope'13,

    I too am waiting on that decision letter via E-mail or postal mail. This wait is driving me crazy. VCU is my first choice and I can tell you from experience that they are huge on numbers (grades, SAT's, GRE's, and etc). For example, if the minimum SAT is 900 they want their applicant to have very close to their averages which was around 1000 last year (not sure about this year) . Now it also depends on how many people apply and what the average applicants stats look like. Grades are very important too. You must have at least what they are asking for and after that, that's where healthcare experience comes into play. If they say they don't want you to have below a B on Micro. you must have a B or above. Obviously an A is great and will increase your competitiveness but a B is acceptable. Your grades look ok. I am not sure what your SAT scores look like but keep in mind what I said earlier.

    My advice to you is to keep your fingers crossed and don't give up. I'm sure you will be fine. There is really no telling what VCU is looking for this year, so just keep faith.
  8. by   tibbenea
    Does anyone know about when we will here about the admission's decision other than "Late January"?
  9. by   passion4_nursing
    Hey tibbenea,

    Last year they hear as early as Jan 23 via postal mail. I got this info from the Summer 2012 absn forum.
  10. by   Mlc12
    I think I read something in the 2012 forum, that letters were post marked Jan. 13th. That may have been for the master's program though.

    If anyone gets anything, please let us know!

    Good luck everyone!!!
  11. by   mcvhope2b
    They specifically said they would be notifying us by email, so I'm pretty sure they will be emailing us. Any day now, hang in there everyone!
  12. by   MaddieHope'13
    Thanks for the feedback, passion4_nursing! I forgot to put my SAT scores in there but they were around 1260 for verbal and math (written portion score = 750 but I don't think they care about those). Hopefully that will help, but again, we'll see. Good luck to all and happy waiting!
  13. by   passion4_nursing
    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to wish everyone luck who is applying to VCU ABSN program this year. This wait is really hard. The moment of truth will be any day now.