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Hey, everybody!! I'm new to this site. I was wondering if anyone is applying for vcu's accelerated program this year for the summer of 2013? I'm currently a junior at VCU, finishing up a Read More

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    No, I did the same as you. I worked a little harder on my essays as well. My GPA is pretty high but my GRE scores are right on the limit, so that is what concerns me. I graduated 2 years ago and have been working as a nuclear medicine tech since then. I feel like they receive a lot of strong applications. Do you know how many people they are accepting for the ABSN this year?

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    You all sound very qualified! Good luck! I applied from out of state, does anyone know if they give preference to in-state students? I didn't apply to the program last year - I was waitlisted from my first choice AMSN, UPenn, for the 2012 entrance year - but this year VCU is definitely my first choice!
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    I attended VCU for my undergraduate career. Last year, I asked them if they gave preference to those that attended VCU and they said no. It bummed me out, but it might be good for you.
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    Thank you for that information, Mlc12! I'm sure the fact that you attended undergrad can't hurt either

    Here's hoping we all receive good news come January!
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    Hello all,

    I received an email the other day, stating that my application was under review. Has anyone else received this?
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    Quote from Mlc12
    Hello all,

    I received an email the other day, stating that my application was under review. Has anyone else received this?
    I got one too, Mlc12. I'm pretty sure all applicants got that email as long as your application wasn't missing any items.
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    Just wanted to see if they were all sent at the same time.
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    Hi everyone! My application is also under review!

    Like sas4vv, I'm here for moral support. It's troubling to hear about people with such good stats being waitlisted in years past. I'm starting to worry about the fact that I am not taking micro until next semester. I am also going to retake A&P I and II in the spring for higher grades (got a C+ in human physiology, oops!). It sounds like they care a lot about prerequisite grades, so I'm afraid they might waitlist me to see how I do in those classes. I'm nervously hoping they will like me anyway.
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    Hi, everyone! Does anyone know how many people VCU is taking this year for their accelerated program? I think it's a fairly high number.
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    Ok, I don't want to cause any unnecessary waves if this is nothing, but when I looked at my application summary to see if there was any change, the "application status - complete and ready for review" had been entirely removed. It makes me wonder if maybe a decision has been made...

    Have any of you seen a change in your status?

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