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Hello All, I was wondering if anyone has applied for University of Virginia's RN New Grad Program for 2011? I also wanted any input about the program if anyone is or has currently participated in it. I'm interested in... Read More

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    My advice is to keep calling back btw 8-430pm and not btw lunch time which varies 1100-1pm until you get actual person on phone. When applying to position at hampton roads bon secour facilities the apps go to HR in Richmond Bon secours and I'm assuming the richmond facilities use the same HR for hiring. You go through telephone interview which was dreadful ( i thought). 20-30 questions that must be each answered but may skip and come back to ones you are stumped on. I think afterwards the same day if you pass they will let you know and then will provide you the offers or whatever you applied for. Whatever offer you choose they then set you up with a meeting/interview with manager of the unit or panel (which I didn't experience--i talked to unit manager). Good luck and hope you get a call back!

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