UVA New Grad RN 2012

  1. Hey did anyone apply for UVA Medical Center's RN Clinician1 New Graduate positions?? I applied a few days ago and was wondering if anyone know when they will start contacting people?

    Happy New Year!
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  3. by   gkvegan
    I applied over a month ago. I called them last week and was told that they have not started contacting people for interviews yet. I believe he said they were going to start interviewing near the end of the month.
  4. by   savexpigoo
    Oh :/ Well I know that they are having interviews done at the open house on 1/28...i hope ill hear from them soon...
  5. by   tonik3264
    hey, i did apply and they called me, did a quick phone screen and then invited me to an open house -- tomorrow jan 28. they're holding another one in late february. i just flew down here from boston...wish me luck!

  6. by   Goldibelle
    Hey - just curious where this Open House in the end of Feb is going to be held. Can you please pass along the details? I just graduated in GA (actually JUST took NCLEX today), and my husband has been reassigned to Ft. Belvoir in VA. Perills of being military... We will be arriving there on the 21st of Feb., so needless to say, I am very nervous about the job hunt. I would appreciate the info. Thanks!
  7. by   tonik3264
    the openhouse is held on campus in the university of virginia medical center. you can crash the thing -- a lot of people did for the first one. you can also call HR and talk to a grad nurse residency program recruiter. the main HR number is 434 243 3344. the website they list on the brochure is: Careers — UVA Health System. not sure how useful that is though.

    great news you passed the boards. good luck getting a job. thank you for your family's service!
  8. by   savexpigoo

    Those who went to the open house on 1/28, did you guys interview in more than one areas of interest? Also, were you guys offered the job right away or know when you will hear back from them??

  9. by   tonik3264
    i interviewed in one area on the open house day and then in a second area via the phone the following week. i was surprised that they didn't set up multiple interviews on the day of the open house, as many of us had flown down there and had been told they would. they promised to get back to us within 3 weeks and at least for me, they made good on that promise.

    there's a second open house at the end of february, i believe, also.

    good luck!
  10. by   savexpigoo
    Thank you tonik3264 for your reply! How was your interview? Good luck to you too!
  11. by   tonik3264
    it went great. i don't want to share details here, but if you get your foot in the door let's take this offline.

    good luck!
  12. by   savexpigoo
    hey did anyone get a call from the HR at UVA Hospital??
  13. by   ejay
    tonik3264, I have a phone interview with UVA on 3/15/12 and would greatly appreciate any advice or tips you can share!
  14. by   tonik3264
    that's great, good for you!

    advice: just be yourself, be natural. be very very excited to be working at uva. kiss their butts, tell them it's your dream job. does that help? i'm happy to elaborate. just be very energetic, articulate and totally thrilled to be on the phone with them.