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Hi there! I'm meeting my midlife crisis head-on by contemplating a 2nd degree BSN and a return to my lovely native state. What do you all hear about UVA? Good/bad program, clinicals, classes? ... Read More

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    Quote from FarmRN2Be
    Just curious, how did you get these numbers? Is there a link to a state website? If so, please do share!
    Unfortunately, no, the stats aren't posted online. I had to call the state board of nursing and ask about each school individually.

    I spoke to Laura at 804-662-9947, and she was very helpful. I do wish they would post the pass rates, however.


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    So all of you from the Charlottesville area---tell me what you like to do for fun in your down time when you're not working/studying/etc. I just came down to Charlottesville this past weekend to visit a friend--didn't seem like much to do other than eating out/downtown mall/ was very pretty, a cute, quaint place...I just want to get some other feedback about it. Cost of living there seems reasonable. I'm from Northern VA. Any feedback would be much appreciated it. Also as I will be applying to UVA--do you think they accept transfers with different standards. Overall i've heard say if I apply as a freshman they only want the best if you know what I mean. I'll be coming from GMU and my grades are average--very well actually in the pre-nursing core classes like the sciences/nutrition/etc. I'm just wondering if my chances are decent to get in...
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    ON the flip side of this discussion, I have known several UVA graduates who are nurses. They all had HUGE egos, and thought that because they graduated from UVA that they were the best nurses ever. However, when it came to floor work, ADN grads were running circles around them, and often had more book knowledge, too. I'm not saying this about all UVA grad, of course, but the ones I have known are this way.

    Also, I know 2 UVA grads who took the NCLEX 5 times before they passed. My school had a 99% pass rate for several years running.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to go to a school that has less than a 95% pass rate for NCLEX. I would feel like I had wasted my $$.

    Also, I did have an instructor who graduated from UVA, and she was great. Absolutely great. She was a masters prepared nurse, of course.

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