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Hello :) THIS IS A BRAND NEW THREAD for TCC's up and coming classes in January and March, 2013. I am starting this thread to help me get through the waiting game. I just finished my HESI yesterday, and turned in my... Read More

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    Quote from Ski Utah
    Hey there everyone--particularly NURSES or already student nurses!

    I have some questions that they will probably answer on the 29th, but still, I'm just dying to know...

    What is the first class? Nursing 108? Is that the only class we take for the first 8 weeks?

    Do we need a stethoscope? what kind if so would you recommend?
    Do we need a watch? Can we use digital?
    Do we have to wear the white nursing shoes or can we wear something else?
    Does the nursing school sign us up for the courses or do we?
    Do we get to take Spring break? Any break at all over the summer?
    Does anyone want to sell me their nursing 108 book?
    Thanks for any information you pass along

    Most of the classes in the beginning are 8 weeks long. Some digital watches have second hand. You sign yourself up for classes. The first class is fundamentals of nursing and you learn about the history, legal aspects, ethics , what nursing is, bed making, baths, communication, nursing process, enemas, foleys and the list goes on ha. The second class is pharmacology and physical assessment which i am in.. and you learn about drugs, passing meds and doing a head to toe assessment. You do need a stethoscope. They don't require a certain brand. I have a Littman but a few classmates have a prestige.
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    sounds cool first class seem to me like the cna classes i already took ,
    so excited for every one how about the books and the scrubs .are the books for every class or the books can be used for different classes?
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    oh forgot as well can we pick our teachers like do you recommend or dont , just your general feed back about the instructors
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    ladies i found a place where to get the cpr card for only 50$ who ever is interested let me know we can go together
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    You buy new books for every class but I'm in physical assessment and we still use our 108 book as well. Your cohort has the same teacher. Two different teachers teach the material... They split up the content but everyone is in the same class. You have different clinical instructors. All nurses doesn't allow names on the forums.
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    Thanks Virgolove!! I saw that they had 2 different teachers listed for the class, but the times were the same and it looked like the same class room was listed for both but different teachers. I wonder why they make it look like there were two different classes per 8 wks... What does your schedule look like now (and for 108)?
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    Cp204 how DD you chech the classes
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    To look at the classes for Nursing or anything, at TCC you can log in to the SIS on TCC and search the classes you can see the hours, teacher, labs, days a week the class meets, ext. You can also look in the spring catalog if they sent you one in the mail.

    Also just FYI Chmicha, I am still trying to talk to my mom, but apparently she's having phone issues. I've got my brother going to tell her tomorrow that I need to talk to her, so hopefully I can let you know something definite about switching with you then. But sometimes my brother can be a bit flaky...
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    its ok honey the reason i'm in rush i just wanna get my plan tickets so hopfully it all will work out and we can switch . i really need to get a vacation and see my family bfr starting the program
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    Congrats to you all..Im excited for you !!

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