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Hello :) THIS IS A BRAND NEW THREAD for TCC's up and coming classes in January and March, 2013. I am starting this thread to help me get through the waiting game. I just finished my HESI yesterday, and turned in my... Read More

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    Lets hope it's only 2 weeks. Has anyone been able to find out when they plan to actually send out letters? I really don't like waiting...

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    Well they have to let us know by the 15th of November so we should be hearing something soon (Hopefully sooner than later). I am patiently waiting Hopefully i will be able to start in January. Good luck to all of you ....
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    I am also patiently waiting to finally hear if I got into the program or not. I have As in BIO 141, 150, Eng 111, and a B in Eng 112. I'm taking BIO 142 right now along with PSY 201 and SDV. My hesi was an 82 (I totally do not recommend taking it at the Norfolk campus- it was awful). So I'm being realsitic that I don't have everything yet, but hopefully my sciences and Hesi gets me in. Also my GPA is a 2.9 (from a flunked class 10 years ago, didn't realize it would screw me later).

    Good luck to everyone!
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    They only look at the pre-req GPA, so don't worry about that too much! I think it really just depends on how many people applied and what their scores and grades were as to who gets in and who doesn't. I just wish they would post some type of update on where they are with the selection process so we could have some idea when we should expect letters....
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    One week. If you thought the last 7 were long, I bet this will be longer! Especially if it doesn't show up on the 15th!! Maybe they will be early, (one can hope).
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    Gahhhhh.....7 more days!!!! It's driving me crazy!
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    Check your mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got in!!! Thank you God!!!!! Praying good luck for you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I got my letter!! IM IN!! January Cohort!

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    Congratulations! Ski Utah! I'm set to start in March, so we won't be in class together, unless someone wants to switch places with me so I can start in January (which is an open offer if anyone is interested).
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    I was trying to get info on the malpractice ins from the nso website they gave us, but I can't figure out what we're suppose to click or do to get a quote... Am I missing something obvious because I'm still in shock from my acceptance?

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