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Just wondering if anybody is considering TCC... they had two application periods for the fall semester.. december 1st (2011) deadline and march 15 deadline (2012).. im applying in the march group but I know I can't be the only... Read More

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    I'm sorry TCC2011, I cannot switch either because I need to work as long as I can before October. I hope tomorrow someone may want to start earlier in August. Good luck!

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    The orientation answered a lot today but dang there are a lot of expenses for the first semester. That hesi exam is reall $300?? For a test that u just take once?
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    From my understanding you take that Hesi a few times throughout the program. Ms. ******* kept saying once they figure out our testing plan, they'll know the cost. It is very expensive. If you're not using financial aid, the uniform is about $20 cheaper on the dove uniform site. I used amazon for my books because it saves me some $$
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    Thanks I will look into that dove site.
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    Tcc2011.. did you find anyone to switch with you at orientation?
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    Quote from virgolove34
    I used amazon for my books because it saves me some $$
    I never once used the TCC bookstore for a nursing program textbook...I was able to get them all from Amazon.com or BN.com. As long as you can get the ISBN number--or at least the book's title and edition number--you'll be fine ordering outside of the bookstore.
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    Just wanted to let you all know, at orientation Ms. ******* said it would take two weeks for our major to switch to nursing, but it has switched already and you can sign up for the first class. After the enrollment form is processed, we'll be able to sign up for Nur 130. Have a good weekend.
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    Hi Virgolove34 - yes I did find someone to switch and I just registered my class for cohort 2.
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    Good I'm happy for you!
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    For those that went to orientation last week, did ms ******* say that the people who never took the hesi would be required to take it by the time classes start? If so, how long would it take?
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