Thinking of moving to Charlottesville area...

  1. I have been a nurse for over two years on a Med/Surg floor in a community hospital in a small town in NC. I am ready to move to a bigger/better hospital system and was thinking of UVA health systems. The area looks nice but more expensive than where I currently live. I am not married and pay all expenses myself. I was just looking for input on cost of living and opinions of nurses currently employed by UVA health systems and whether or not they like hospital. Happy, love it, hate it....??
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  3. by   soulshine101

    This may be a little late but I thought I would chime in and answer what questions I can. I moved to the area about 6 years ago and the first place we rented was 900. The second place we recently moved to is 875 so it really depends on what you are looking for in terms of housing. In both cases, we rented houses. If you dig deep enough you can certainly find a place fairly cheap especially if you move to the surrounding counties and not reside right in town.

    I do not work at UVA but volunteer in the PICU. I was in the ED but wanted more hands-on experiences so I transferred. I love UVA Health System and the fact that it is a teaching hospital. From my own experiences I have found it to be very tight knit community with tremendous opportunity for growth. I have yet to encounter a nurse who absolutely hated it or even had negative things to say about this particular health system. However, it is a teaching hospital which I believe is a lot different from what you may expect at perhaps the neighboring hospital Martha Jefferson.