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Well, I'm 37 and will be 38 this year. I was applying to the LPN program here in Las Vegas (I know this is the VA forum, bear with me). I'd be done in May 2014. I was going to take my NCLEX-PN in... Read More

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    The thing about making the most money until you get your BSN... you'll make more money working as a CNA than being unemployed with a LPN license. That's something to keep in mind. It is very hard to get hired as a LPN these days, and it's even a little challenging as an ADN. You don't want to make yourself too overqualified to find a job as a CNA; I'm not sure how many places would hire a CNA with a LPN license if it came down to not being able to find a job as a LPN. Just some food for thought.

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    In this part of VA there are tons of LPN jobs, granted you won't be working in labor and delivery or the NICU, but I get job postings to my email box daily.
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    I know this thread hasn't been posted on in a few months, but the reality is that the pay here is not as good as it is in other places. I stay in Virginia because A: Family and B: Beautiful state. I can run from the beach to the city to the country. It's like going from myrtle beach to shenandoah to kansas in an hour. I have grown up in hampton roads my whole life (norfolk, chesapeake, va beach) and will find it hard to leave when I do. As for pay, it depends on your facility type as well. IN long term care, a CNA will make 9-13/hr depending on experiences. LPN's (and usually there is a small shift differential on top of these numbers) make 15-18. RN's can start as low as 19-23 depending on the type of facility. I have seen hospitals offer 20 and Long Term Care offer 23. The differential in the hospital may be 3-5 or more per hour and at the nursing home 1-2 per hour, so it all leads out. I'll tell you what I did, I took a diploma RN program first to get my RN, then once I found a good paying job, went back for my BSN. It was the shortest way to an RN and got the NCLEX out of the way. I'm in control of hiring and pay for my facility and am linked quite well in the area, so email me if you would like more info..
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    First, I wish you the best. I noticed that you stated that you endorsed in Nevada. Are you stating that you did not actually take a CNA class? Or that you did? I look forward to your response, because, it will mean a huge difference between the two answers what your next move should be.
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    It is hard here so look for a job before moving
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    In Virginia standard of living and cost of living is much higher than probably what you are used to in Nevada. Having to pay taxes and higher housing costs will be difficult with a family to care for. I live in northern virginia and pay $1400 monthly mortgage for a 900 sq. foot condo. I'd say stay in Nevada where you may already have connections and networks to help you find that next, higher paying position.
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    $1400/month for 900 sq feet is waaaaay higher rent than Chesapeake will have. Mid-range townhouses (rentals), 2 bed/2 bath, 1200 sq feet, run about $1000/month around here. NoVa is much more expensive than Hampton Roads.
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    Lpn are gonna need to get bsn very soon

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