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Hi Everyone! I really wanted to begin a thread about NVCC's Nursing Program due to begin in Fall 2013 (Applications are due May 2013). I am starting my pre-reqs in January, because I have been in school elsewhere. I know it... Read More

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    the letter was dated today, if that helps, and i opened my email around 8:40 this morning.

    best of luck to you!!! i hope you get yours too!
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    [moderator edit of name] sent a follow up email, confirming the Orientation is in fact 7/22/13, a Monday.
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    CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!! If I can be of any help to anyone just let me know I will be a senior in the fall and the second year students helped us first years ALOT in the beginning, so I am here if you need me even if you just need to chat, this is a very exciting time enjoy the moment I know I did last year!!!! :-)
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    I just called and spoke to [moderator edit of name] as well. He confirmed that the orientation is on Monday July 22nd he said that he sent a f/u e-mail but I never got that second e-mail. Did everyone get the second e-mail.
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    Is there a facebook group for the traditional program 2015 yet?
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    i was just about to ask this same question.
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    I also received an email from [moderator edit of name] stating that the correct mandatory orientation date is Monday, July 22nd, 2013, from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM.
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    ^we have already established that. We really need to make a facebook group for our class. The problem is that some nursing program from Conneticut calls themselves "NVCC nursing class of 2013/2015", we have to create a unique name for ours on facebook. Any ideas?!
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    Then I suggest that you name it "NOVA Nursing Program", since NVCC is commonly referred to as "Nova".
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    Congratulations to all of you who got in, as I remember how it felt for me 3 years ago. For those who did not get accepted, hang in there, keep taking courses to improve your competetiveness, and hopefully, next time will work for you.