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  1. Has anyone tried to apply to the BSN Nursing program at Stratford University, Fallschurch?? If so, how is the program? I went there today to talk to an advisor and he told me that all I have to take is the TEAs Reading and that's it. But when I look at the package, it says reading, math, english and science. I don't want to just focus on reading only and then fail the test
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  3. by   Medic2RN
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  4. by   Pixie.RN
    As with any school, you should check them out with the Virginia Board of Nursing: Virginia Board of Nursing Education Programs

    That page has links to documents with NCLEX pass rates as well as Virginia BON approvals. Looks like Stratford has only provisional approval at this time -- must be a newer program. The school site indicates that the program is CCNE-accredited, which is great, but it doesn't seem to have regional accreditation, which is just as important as national accreditation. That would concern me, and I would ask about it. The NCLEX pass rate looks pretty good -- 85% overall.

    Let us know how your experience with this newer program continues to be! I would ask again about the TEAS requirements -- sounds like you're definitely getting conflicting info.
  5. by   sgui
    I am the director of nursing at Stratford and the requirements for the TEAS test changed in 2012. All of the new admission material should indicate that the only part of the TEAS required is reading. The literature on predictors of success in college indicate that reading skill is better than GPA. To prepare for the test you should practice your reading comprehension skills and if English is not your native language, practice reading at increasing speed while retaining the information. I recommend reading something out of your comfort zone and setting a timer. Then see if you can remember the main points and write them as they would appear in newspaper headlines. You can also come to Stratford for help with this in the Student Services Department.Thank you for your interest in Stratford. I hope you will join us.
    Dr. Sharron Guillett, Dean
  6. by   dturner
    Hey Jphan,
    The TEAS for Stratford is version V and they only look at the reading section, though you will take the whole exam (or at least I did at another institution). I think the requirement is 65% or 70% for the reading section, you will also need two letters of recommendation and a personal statement. I'm hopping to be there in October how about yourself?
  7. by   jphan93
    I just took the TEAS test on July 19 and I passed so that's good. I don't know if the school is going to be strict on the score or not. Have you taken the test yet? I talked to the admission representative and he said that it'll be good if the letters of recommendation are strong because he's seen people getting rejected due to weak letters
    I'm hoping to go there in October too
  8. by   dturner
    @ Jphan
    Yea I took the TEAS a while ago what admissions, rep are you working with? I am editing my personal statement and hoping to submit that soon. Is this your first degree?
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    Hi dturner,

    I am actually in this program now, and I wish I had more information before I began so I will help out as much as I can. It is a very new program, but it seems to be a very good school thus far. As far as the TEAS is concerned, it is technically a reading version now, though it was not like I had expected. When I applied for this program, I did not have time for a study guide, but I downloaded an app on my phone in hopes it would better prepare me for the test. I will say, it is not a grammatical type exam, but more of a reading comprehension as well as a lot of common sense! I think it is very fitting since my first day in Nursing 100 we had to take another ATI test, which was also very much like a reading comprehension and interpretation exam. I would strongly suggest you make sure you are quick at reading! I did not complete my exam because I had missed almost 3 questions. It would just put you in a better position. Luckily, I did pass the first time! The cutting score for the school as far as I was told was 69%. Just do the best you can and practice with comprehension based skills! I hope this helps. I truly was coming onto this site and just registered because I am looking for more information on Pathophysiology. I am currently in this course, and I am very worried that I will not retain enough information to be successful. Good luck to you, and I wish you all of the best! Stratford seems to be getting more posts on this website, so hopefully we can help other prospective students make up their minds on which nursing school to attend.
  10. by   dturner
    Yea that sounds about right for the TEAS when I took it, I hope I will not have to take it again. Patho is not that bad, if you liked A&P, pahto is in a sense the opposite. Patho is were you'll get into the disease process of major systems of the body and as a nurse how to recognize the signs, symptoms and how to assess it all. Etiology will be your favorite word coming out of patho, keep a good A&P book for reference and you should be fine. Hope to see you on campus
  11. by   LadyLavender
    Hello All,
    I am attending an open house next week at this University and wanted to know your true opinion of the program thus far. I am really trying to narrow down my choices, the location works for me and thus far staff seems very helpful please respond thank you
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    sgui, do you guys have any cross town agreements for ROTC?
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    Hello. I was looking for reviews for Stratford, but I attend the Woodbridge campus instead of FC. I just turned in my app for RN, but honestly it was a hot mess!! They NEVER have it together. I alwaysget sent frm the main office to myadvsor, to the nursing office, then back to the main office. UGH it makes me wonder if my app will make it tothe right person. My advisor is nice, but it seems like she is annoyed by me. Wish me luck! Anyone elsein the RN program at the Woodbridge campus?
  14. by   Akua1964
    Any current/future stratford university students? Just got my acceptance and wanted some insight on the program. Professors, classes etc.