St.Mary's Hospital School of Pratical Nursing

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    I'm thinking about applying to St.Mary's Hospital School of Pratical nursing with henrico county, has anyone attended there. How do you like the program? where did you go for clinicals? How big are the classes? what did you think of the admission test?

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    Did you ever apply?
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    Yes, I have been accepted into the fall 2011 class! did u apply to?
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    Yes I've been accepted into the fall program also and will the highland springs center. Which one will you be attending? I'm so nervous!
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    *will attend
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    i will be attending the hermitage location, i'm also very nervous! I guess we will find out everything about the program at orientation on thursday
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    me too hope to see you there
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    do u kno anyone else who has been through their program?r u in the mrning or evening classes at hermitage? i will b in the mrning classes, hope to see u both on thurs.!!
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    im in the evening class
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    Hey nurses. ☺️ im looking into enrolling in the st marys nursing program?? i've filled out the packet and is ready to send it to them but wanted to know more. Is your gpa determined by your high school gpa?? because ive been out of school for 4 years. i hope they are not going off that gpa. 😳 and how is the TEAS is it hard?? i just want all the info i can get on it. Thanks

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