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Sentara College BSN program questions...

  1. 0 Hey everyone, I'm new here and I just have a couple of questions about the Traditional BSN track program at Sentara College of Health Sciences. I'm currently finishing up my pre-requisites at TCC. I have 6 pre-reqs left and that's including the 3 I'm taking this Fall. I'm applying for Sentara's BSN 2013 program after I'm finished with all of my pre-requisites this upcoming Spring '12 semester. I know that before you start the program, you'll have to complete either the CP or NA course and the 6 online pre-requisites. I already applied for the Care Partner course and I'm taking it next October '12. This girl in my chemistry class today informed me that the online pre-reqs are really challenging and that those pretty much determines your place in the program.

    I am really scared that I might not get in the 2013 program. Can anyone please give me some clear information about the program and the process of it? How are the online pre-requisites? Do they determine my place in the program? How is the program in general?

    Please let me know, thanks!
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    Hello and welcome to the site.

    I moved your thread to the VA Nursing Programs Discussion forum. Hopefully you will get some responses.
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    Hello lyssadimes, I have also just applied to Sentara but for the Aug 2012 start date. Have you found out any information or feedback regarding this school yet? I'm looking for any tips!