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Hi I was wondering if anyone is currently enrolled in Sentara bsn program and if so how is it... Read More

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    Quote from eyvis91
    That sounds good, I think I'm going to do that. Sorry for all the questions but how long was each class setting?
    It was from 830 to 3 Monday thru Thursday and then the clinical were 745-2

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    I got the job!!!! I do plan on attending the open house next weekend
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    My goal is to get accepted into the Sentara BSN program, I am still trucking away at TCC on my pre-requisites. I hope to take the care partner program starting in Aug.
    I am very excited for all of you that got in!
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    For those of you accepted into the program, what was your TEAS score?
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    Has anyone gone through Sentara's RN to BSN program? Iím currently enrolled in an ADN program now, but am looking to go through their RN to BSN program after graduation and the NCLEX.

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