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    I'm relatively new to Northern Virginia. I've heard that INOVA is the largest hospital system in the area, what is their average starting salary for RNs?

    What's it like to work at INOVA hospital?

    What about Prince William Hospital System, anybody work there and if so, what it's it like there?

    Any and all response is appreciated-Thanks!

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    Hi. Prince William Hospital offers a full scholarship to either of two local ADN programs (one is NVCC...I forget the other...begins with a G...). In return, you agree to work for them for a certain period of time after graduation. You should go to their website and consider applying if you're interested in working there.
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    I know that both Potomac Hospital and Reston start their new grads at $24/hour. I gather that's the range in the area.

    Good luck!

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