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I'm a recently new graduate nurse with approximately 6 months of experience. I plan on working at my current location, which is level I trauma center with average of 100K+ visits per year, for another 6-12months. I'm... Read More

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    The cost of living is also 10x higher, so you're not necessarily making "more".

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    Just depends what position you land and how you handle it. I'm only an LPN, started back in '99 at $11.10 an hour, now just over $38. Whatever job you choose, just show them you're worth it!
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    As an ADN RN I made 28.25 at my first job (before diff) in Connecticut. My first raise was $2 at the end of my first year.

    I then moved to SW Virginia (almost in TN). Got the first job I applied for, and when I received the pay offer, my emotional response varied from insulted to depressed. 17.38 an hour. Night shift differential was 3.45. All of this was in a hospital step down unit. At first I got overtime at least every other week, and tried to convince myself that it was acceptable because of the low cost of living, lower tax bracket, and availability of overtime. I was still constantly behind since loan payments didn't care that I moved to a lower cost of living area, then they abruptly dropped hours across the board, using our attempts to get extra shifts as a way of forcing us into being constantly on call as they would call me off at the end of the week when they no longer needed me. Then the real kicker... I anxiously awaited my annual raise so that things would get better. It finally arrived and I thought it was an accounting error like somebody had forgotten a zero. $0.17 an hour for an annual raise, which was with a "exceeds expectations" review FYI. I got a lower annual raise then the government gave people on social security to keep up with cost of living.

    At that point I quit. I am now a travel nurse.

    What really matters is making enough compared to the cost of living in your area, but no matter where you are you won't get approved for a mortgage on telephone booth making $17 an hour.
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    i am a new lpn moving to the dmv area to attend career training solutions lpn to rn program. i have previous experious and would like to know where i should apply that would appreciate my rn once it is complete.
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    Hi, basically what I want to know, how do I find out what home health agencies pay the most in Virginia?
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    Quote from 1corprew
    Hi, basically what I want to know, how do I find out what home health agencies pay the most in Virginia?
    Call around. I worked for a VA Beach company only got 35/visit no gas no miles varied case load and a bunch of attitude from the office. There are companies that pay more. Just call around and ask about visit rate vs salary
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    The general range I have heard is $22-$25/hr with not much room to negotiate. 60-65k seems very high and have not heard that. *I wish*
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