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Hello, I have some questions about being an RN. I've been looking at some of the programs in the Hampton Roads area. Hopefully you guys can clear up some of my concerns.... -Does it matter how... Read More

  1. by   Doug18
    MCI is accredited by the NLNAC to its bachelors degree program ... but something that i would be leary of is the NLN's website specificly states "ECPI University-Virginia Beach" so im not sure that the NN campus is accredited
  2. by   Dr. Debbie Clark, RN
    Good Eye!
    The BSN program is an online program and managed from the Virginia Beach Campus. So, there is only one campus for the BSN program - the VB Campus.

    Dr. Clark
  3. by   austeremed
    The BSN program is an online program and managed from the Virginia Beach Campus. So, there is only one campus for the BSN program - the VB Campus.
    Dr. Clark,
    Does that mean that both Newport News and VB are NLNAC accredited? And what is the advantage of attending MCI vs. ODU, Norfolk state, etc.? Thank you.
  4. by   Dr. Debbie Clark, RN
    The BSN program has NLNAC accreditation. It is an online program where students can enroll from either the Newport or Virginia Beach campuses. One program with 2 different campuses you can enroll from.

    The Associate of Applied Science RN programs are different and are not currently accredited by NLNAC.
  5. by   JaclynLangdon
    Is the Associate of Applied Science RN program going through the process of becoming accredited in the future?
  6. by   RN for L&D
    Just wanted to say that I am a recent June 2011 graduate of MCI. I loved the accelerated program and am considering the BSN program. I bartended/waitressed full time, already had a 4 year old, got pregnant and had another child, took 5 weeks (1 mod) off to have my second child and then returned with a 3 week old to finish the program. I passed every class the first time, graduated in June, got hired in July and then took my NCLEX in July and passed the first time with the minimum number of questions without really studying so it can definitely be done. With that being said, I am fortunate enough to not have to spend a lot of time out of class studying as long as I go to class and pay attention. Not everyone can do that. I had a lot of classmates that didn't work and spent all their time studying and still didn't make it. So your success in the program is really dependent on your learning style and how quickly you learn. Also if you have a family, childcare even when your children are sick, is a must. You can't miss classes or clinicals. You have to be willing to put school before all else for those 16mo but its worth it if you can. As far as employers looking down on MCI grads, it's actually the opposite. A lot of employers actually prefer MCI grads because we have more clinical experience than the traditional school. We tend to have more on the job knowledge where traditional school grads have more book smarts. As an employer would you rather have someone who knows what to do in a situation or tell you what the textbook says to do? I know you posted several months ago but I hope this helps. Good luck in whichever route you choose!