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Is the RN program at MCI really $80,000?... Read More

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    yep, i am doing the evening class.
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    Quote from lauralauranurse
    $34,000 is insane to me, still! good gracious ..

    about SRMC -

    i need to have: two semesters of english, a math course, microbiology, anatomy and physiology (2 semesters), nutrition, speech, and medical terminology i think?

    all the prerequisites are listed on srmconline.com's website under the nursing program info., i think.

    the program will be challenging, of course, like any nursing program, but i have a good feeling about it and i think the instructors are very good.

    we'll see..

    i start monday! ahhh! so scared!
    SRMC is a waste of time 1 1/2 years to 2 years to get pre-reqs just to enter program and that if your even accepted out of all the applicants and its GPA based. Once you get accepted the tuition is roughly 15,ooo with all extras in it, MCI is more yes but pre-reqs for them is 10 weeks and if you get accepted you get in quickly. You pay about 40,000 but it soooo worth it. Just think about it by the time you finish pre-reqs at srmc you are graduating as an RN at MCI, work faster make money faster dont have time to waste. I start in Aug I am really pumped up about it and I researched every school first b4 i enrolled. More money yes better outcome from MCI, faster (as long as I dont screw up) and if you talk to people around about the best nurses they all say MCI so i guess you get what you pay for but if you have 4-5 years waste go ahead
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    To aabad0717, do u know what your class hours will be after u finish your pre reqs? also what are your class hours for the pre reqs and how much do you have to pay the school each month? Thanks
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    I am doing the day program so m-f 8am to 430pm my monthly payment is 175.00 a month guess everyone is different depends in their financial aid some students in my pre reqs pay only 100.00 but you have to pay for your precreqs at 200.00 each up front but there us only 3 of them. Good luck
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    i am in the evening class. m-thur 5:30-10:30. i know that that will change later on and it will be m-f and then weekends for clinicals.

    yep about everything the last person said. seems to be a lot "easier" to get in. pay more, but get it done!! the pre-req classes are the same times as the nursing classes. you can choose either day or evening. the hours do not change from that.

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