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I was just wondering, what is the typical new grad (RN) salary in the Hampton roads area? I have heard so many conflicting stories that I was hoping to get a consensus. TIA... Read More

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    I just got a job at Sentara Norfolk General ( Heart Hospital) and the base pay is 20.00 plus shift differentials, which I am not exactly sure of.

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    That is usually the base pay for new grads at Sentara Hospitals.
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    If you're married to military, or otherwise already have better health bennies than your prospective employer offers, you may want to contact HR and ask what they will pay if you decline health benefits (you may be able to decline just health, or you may have to decline the entire benefit package to qualify for this higher pay rate).
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    Sentara RN $21 per hour shift differiential cut to $4 for new employees. Cost of living is higher in Hampton Roads VA as compared to where I was in the west making $28. VA nurses need a strong union to advocate for better wages. VA Nursing organizations need to step up to the plate and advocate for our profession.

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