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Hey all, Wondering if anyone can offer me insight about the INOVA Fairfax Hospital. I am a new grad and I am interested in working there but I have a few questions. I'll appreciate any information you can offer. 1. Do new... Read More

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    Basically what I did was work at a long term care facility/sub acute rehab center for 10 months when I graduated. I was still under the year mark so I was able to get in. The pay wasn't bad at the SNF and I was able to get some experience. I think that gave me a little edge up on some of then new grads applying for the fellowship as well. It was really compeitive and I think the entire system only hired like 35 newer nurses for this October fellowship. So take my advice and get experience wherever you can get it. I was also offered a job at Washington hosp center and Virginia hosp center and they said it was because I had a little experience as well. Its terrible out there and it took me 4 months to even get that long term care job. I was really discouraged in the begining but it worked out for the best.
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    I also ended up working at a LTC facility b/c it was the only place that would hire me as a new grad nurse. I lasted 7 months then went PRN. It was the worst job I have ever had in my entire life and nursing is my 2nd career. I was initially in admin working for government contracting companies. I went into nursing after working w/ people whom had PhD's and wanted to have a "career". Wrong. After seeing numerous people get mistreated, fired and resigned was just plain horrible. The new grad nurse that was in the same orientation with me quit after only 4 months. I mean I got written up for not clocking in and out from break when it was a new company-implemented policy. They could not have just given me a warning! No, they wrote me up! The long term care facility kept implementing all kinds of rules and regulations that just seemed unfair and always put employees at odds. In addition, I didn't get paid nearly as much as my last job. To them, all the employees were just another number, expendable and replaceable. I would like to work some where where I felt irreplaceable and recognized for my blood, sweat and tears like the other jobs I have had previously. The headache wasn't worth it to go in every day to get experience. Before getting the job at the LTC facility, the requirement was atleast one year experience for a new grad nurse with an ADN at most hospitals. Now in my search, I have been seeing BSN preferred w/ 2 years experience. There was no way I could work at that LTC facility for 2 years getting paid how much I was for experience. My goal now is to go full-time to get my BSN and hopefully once I graduate with a BSN, I can be more marketable. Hopefully in a year, the market has also turned around in my favor. Wish me lot of luck! B/c it looks like at this point, I need it!!!!