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RN-BSN programs

  1. 0 Does anyone know of a good VA online RN-BSN program? So far the online I've looked into is VCU.
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    I'm a first year student in RN classes but, if I remember correctly, my instructor said that we could get our BSN from Old Dominion after we graduate.
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    Originally posted by Catma63
    I'm a first year student in RN classes but, if I remember correctly, my instructor said that we could get our BSN from Old Dominion after we graduate.
    I heard they have one too, my friend is going thru their program. But according to their website, they don't accept RNs with a diploma. Although, the person I spoke to awhile back said that they did.
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    I don't know either but.....today....I'll ask my instructor if she knows, sho'nuff?
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    Have you tried looking into UVA. I know they have several different options. Good Luck.
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    I did. Unfortunately they didn't send me the right information, so I'm gonna have to get them to send me the correct stuff.
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    VCU's RN to BSN program is a non-traditional program that utilizes "online" for some assignment & group discussions, however, you meet 1 weekend a month at a selected off-campus site if not near Richmond (Norfolk, Newport News, Fredricksburg, etc.).....at least, this was how they were doing it when I went through that program 2 years ago. It was a "doable" program while also working full-time.
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    I am looking into UVA. This coming Friday they have an open house at the school of nursing. Uva is a pretty good school and convenient for clinicals and such. I am also going to look into VCU/MCV....... I am not sure where you are located but Piedmont has a tela-technet through ODU. Worth lookign to the community colleges in your area to see if they also have that type of program.
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    I just finished the VCU RN-BSN weekend program. It was fantastic. Took three semesters. You go to class once a month (usually on a Friday evening/Saturday but some classes are online) and there are many satellite areas such as Norfolk, Newport News, Richmond (of course), Roanoake, etc. They are very respectful of adult learners and they have no limit on the age of previous credits you might have earned. I would highly recommend it. All info can be found on their website.
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    <a href="http://www.nursing.vcu.edu/prospective/rnms.html">VCU RN to MSN</a> is also for diploma nurses & gives a BSN along the way at 30 credit hours.