Riverside vs MCI

  1. Can anyone tell me about the programs at Riverside? How do they compare to the other schools in the area? If I get a diploma I still sit for NCLEX right? So does it matter that I get a diploma first then work on a BSN/MSN?

    I would love to hear from students from both programs. Those who have had good experiences and those who have had not so good....

    Do you have any contacts at the schools that you would recommend that I speak to? Anyone been helpful or anyone I should try to avoid????

    Please help...I'm running out of time and I need to make a decision!!!
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  3. by   Bob_N_VA
    I'm in the RN program at Riverside. Its the lone hospital based diploma program left in the area. Its been in existence since 1916. They also have LPN as well as RT and ST programs that are associated with Newport News schools. Very well regarded program, lots of clinical time, good system to practice in. They have their own separate campus from the hospital, its a 4 building grouping with a library, lab and classroom buildings as well as an admin building. Here is a link to their website: http://www.riversideonline.com/rshc/
  4. by   TAANDOHRN
    I am also a student of Riverside Lpn to RN program and must say that I have had a great experience so far! The clinical time is amazing and you will definitely come out with the skill you need to be a successful nurse!