Riverside School of Health Careers RN program - page 63

Hello everyone! I am looking for current, past, and even prospective students for Riverside's RN program. I will be applying for the September 2013 professional nursing program. For current or... Read More

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    So am I! And I want to tour the campus

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    I turned in my health forms yesterday and our book list is posted!
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    Just turned in all my stuff this morning. Thanks for the info about the books! I was checking for it but got tired of doing that.
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    Yeah just typing in riverside for the code doesn't bring it up but if you go to our RN homepage on Moodle and scroll down to the textbook info the access code for the level 1, 3, and 4 students is there
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    How do we get our books?! I'm confused on how that work! I went to the Flynn and o hara uniform store and got my uniform today!
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    You just go to the rittenhouse bookstore site and put in the access code to see the textbook list for our level and term. You can always copy and past the isbn number on amazon or somewhere else to try to find them cheaper. How do the uniforms look in person?
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    I'm searching right now have found a few books for half the discounted (Rittenhouse) price. :-)
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    Yeah I looked at amazon! I think I'll get them all used b/c the used one says there is no guarantee that they will come with access codes/CDs
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    Yeah, I'm just noticing that. With some of these prices I can imagine the supplementary materials would not be included. I may have to get the Nutrition book and the optional book used since a cd does not come with those books. I'm trying cut cost anywhere I can,lol.
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    True that!

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